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Huntsville TX Breaker Box Installation and Replacement by Ardon Maintenance

Access to dependable, efficient household electricity is pretty much expected in homes throughout the country these days. Wired electricity may be extremely common, but that does not mean that your electrical system does not require occasional service and upgrades to work safely and effectively. While there are many obvious indicators that your home may need an electrical upgrade — old, frayed wires, two–prong outlets or even an old fashioned fuse box — there are many instances that are not so obvious. Take, for instance, your breaker box.

Just because you use a breaker box rather than an old fuse box to disperse electricity throughout your home does not mean that that breaker box is suitable for the demand you put on it. Think of how many new electrical gadgets and appliances you use in your home on a regular basis compared to just 10 or 15 years ago. Certain upgrades must be made to handle the increased electrical demand in your home. Even an older breaker box may be putting your home at risk for frequent tripped circuits, unreliable electrical system performance and even fire. Contact Ardon Maintenance today for the professional breaker box installation and replacement services you need to keep the electricity flowing efficiently and safely throughout your Huntsville, TX home.

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Why Schedule a Breaker Box Installation or Upgrade with a Replacement?

Depending on how old your home is your house may be wired for far less electrical capacity than it would be if it were built today. Even if your electrical system is able to handle the demand you put on it older systems were not always put together with the focus on safety that we see and expect in newer homes. An older breaker box, then, while certainly better than an even older fuse box, may still be cause for concern.

Some older breaker boxes may have been a safety improvement at the time of the original installation, but as we add more and more appliances and electrical devices to our homes they can quickly be overwhelmed. Older boxes may have far fewer circuits than new ones, and at lower amp levels. The results can range from the inconvenience of having to reset your breakers frequently to a serious potential for home fires.

Be aware of the condition of your breaker box as well as its location. Sometimes these important electrical components were installed in the back of closets to keep them out of sight. If your breaker box is not in an accessible, clear area you have a problem. Contact Ardon Maintenance to make sure that your breaker box installation is prepared to operate safely in every way.

Huntsville TX Breaker Box Installation and Replacements

Don’t take any chances with the breaker box in your Huntsville, TX home. Have your electrical system inspected by a professional electrician from Ardon Maintenance today. We will make sure that your new or replacement breaker box installation is properly located and adequately equipped to handle the electrical demand in your home. Let us help you use electricity in your home in a safer, more efficient way.