Why Is My Furnace Making a Strange Noise?

We can’t all be furnace experts, but it doesn’t take an expert to spot the signs that something’s wrong with yours. Furthermore, now is the time to keep an extra close eye on your furnace, since we’re reaching the end of heating season here in Madisonville, TX. That’s usually the time when trouble arises, since your heater has likely been running most days since winter began. The easiest way to spot signs that something’s wrong is to listen for a strange noise coming from your furnace: anything out of the ordinary suggests a problem that needs fixing. The minute you hear such a noise, shut off your heater and summon a repair service.

Grinding Noises

Grinding noises usually come from two pieces of metal rubbing up against each other, creating friction which lowers the system’s efficiency and make lead to a serious breakdown. If the fan motor hasn’t been lubricated and the system has been running nonstop, it’s apt to start developing a grinding noise. Other causes can include a misaligned fan and possibly something caught the in the ducts and grinding against the sides.

Booming Noises

A booming noise can be sudden and often catches you by surprise. This most often stems from clogged burners, which can throw off the timing of the burners and result in a small build-up of gas. When the burner ignites, the excess gas explodes, causing the booming noise. A technician can unclog the burners and regular maintenance sessions can prevent this from happening in the future.

Humming Noises

Humming noises tend to stem from electrical problems of some sort, as faulty or frayed wires cause difficulties. It can also be created aby a breach in your ducts, as the awkward transference of air causes the metal sides of the ducts to vibrate sand hum.

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