Why is My Air Conditioning Making a Strange Smell When I turn it on?

It’s a disconcerting feeling: you turn your air conditioning on only to get a weird smell coming out along with your cool air. No one needs that, especially in places like Huntsville, TX where relief from the humid summers shouldn’t be accompanied by an inexplicable funk. So why is your air conditioning making a strange smell when you turn it on? And more importantly, do you need a Huntsville TX air conditioning repair service to make it go away?

In most cases, the smell is caused by an odiferous coil. When your air conditioning gets turned on, the coil grows very cold with liquid refrigerant, and air passing across it is subsequently cooled. That process creates a lot of condensation, which is collected in a condensate tray inside the air conditioning. Over time, the tray’s drainage system may get clogged, or it might be damaged or tilted in such a way so that the condensation doesn’t drain. Standing liquid will then do what standing liquid does: stagnate and in some cases produce mold or fungus. (This process can be accelerated during humid patches, which are hardly uncommon in the Huntsville area.) This can produce a strange and off-putting smell whenever you turn on the AC, since the air blowing into your home is now moving through the stagnant water in the condensate tray.

Other possible explanations for the smell include stagnant water in the humidifier or duct system. Regardless of the cause, the effect is the same: air blows across the source of the smell and delivers it straight into your house. Regardless of the cause, the solution is to hunt down the source and remove it, as well as to fix the conditions that created it in the first place: drain and clean the condensate tray and eliminate the standing water. But whatever it is, you need an expert to do it right. Do-it-yourselfers can easily cause more damage than they fix, while a trained professional knows how to spot the signs and track down the root cause quickly.

If your air conditioner is making a strange smell when you turn it on, call Ardon Maintenance immediately. Our technicians will come to your home any time of day and get to the root of the problem with courtesy and professionalism. We’re certified by both NATE and the EPA, and pride ourselves on satisfying our customers the first time, every time. Huntsville TX air conditioning repair services can’t always wait, particularly if a strange smell is affecting your comfort levels. Call us today and don’t let that smell linger a moment longer.

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