When to Call for Furnace Repair in Hunstville TX

Most furnaces will require repair at some point. As the engine of your heating system, the furnace converts fuel into hot air and circulates it throughout your home. Knowing when to call for furnace repair, therefore, is an important issue for many homeowners. Although Texas is known for its long summers, you need to rely upon your furnace throughout the year to heat your home during the cold months. For dependable furnace repair, call the Hunstville, TX furnace repair experts at Ardon Maintenance today.

You need to be able to depend upon your furnace. When your furnace is acting up, call a professional technician to your home. Our team in Huntsville, TX can determine the problem quickly and offer a solution. If you notice any of the following warning signs, don’t hesitate, call us today.

  • Loud noises. If you hear rumbling, banging or clacking it is never a good sign. Depending on the source of the sound the seriousness of the problem can vary.  It might be a loose belt that connects the motor to the fan components, or worn bearings. It may also indicate a problem outside the furnace, such as a leak in the attached ductwork.
  • Inadequate heat. The thermostat is the way that you communicate with your furnace. For example, when you raise the set point, it tells the heater to produce more heat. The thermostat needs to be properly calibrated to reflect the current temperature; otherwise, it will not meet your heating requirements. Inadequate heat is often a thermostat issue. Have yours checked today. 
  • Furnace won’t turn on. This can be for a variety of reasons. It could be electrical: your furnace may have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit. Or it could be mechanical: your pilot light might have been blown out by a strong draft, or the fuel supply valve which continuously lights the pilot may be clogged with debris.
  • Thermocouple is faulty.  The thermocouple is an electronic safety device that detects heat around your pilot light. If it is cold then it determines that the pilot light is off and therefore unable to ignite the fuel as it passes through. Because un-ignited fuel poses a safety and health risk, the thermocouple shuts off the supply valve. This is a common problem.

Whatever the reason for your furnace repair in Huntsville, TX, remember to call Ardon Maintenance today. We handle all problems, big and small, and can also advise you on replacement and maintenance programs. Call us today.

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