When Is It Time to Schedule Commercial Heating Repair?

If you own or manage a property with a large commercial heating system, you want to keep it running smoothly, in order to keep your employees, clients, customers, and/or clients happy and comfortable.  Unfortunately many business owners tend to ignore the signs of heating repair, which may mean that problems worsen until the entire heating system breaks down without warning. Don’t let parts continue to wear down for longer than they have to; call for commercial heating repairs when you notice any of the following signs.

  • The people in your building start to complain! Of course, a sure indicator of trouble is when the people in your building start to notice reduced heating or no heating at all. And generally, this is not a problem that can wait for repairs. As a business owner or manager, you strive to keep everyone involved in your business as content as possible. And even a seemingly minor repair need, such as uneven heating throughout the building, can develop into something much larger.
  • Strange noises sound off from your system. When you hear strange noises from your heating system or from inside of the ducts, it could indicate a major problem. Whether it’s a loud clanking noise or a quiet hissing sound, it could indicate a large problem, like fan motor damage or a duct leak.
  • You notice higher-than-average energy bills. Commercial heating systems already take up a large portion of your bills, so you may simply pass off a high utility bill as a normal business expense. But if you sense that it may be higher than in previous years, see if you can compare your bill to previous months or years. Has your usage changed at all, or could bills have increased due to a repair need? Even something as simple as a dirty component can make the system run inefficiently, driving up energy bills.

One of the best ways to prevent repair is scheduling commercial heating maintenance with a professional technician. Specialists know the best ways to clean, adjust, and replace components of your heater that may otherwise fail.

Does your business require expert heating services? Call Ardon Maintenance for maintenance or commercial heating repair in Madison County today!

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