When Is It Time to Replace My Boiler?

Boilers are built to last. If the boiler that heats a home receives proper care during its service life (annual inspections and tune-ups, repairs done as soon as necessary) it can often continue to provide comfort for longer than a generation. A child can grow up in a home and go to college with the same boiler keeping him or her warm all those years.

Like any machine, a boiler cannot last forever. Work strain will eventually cause the heating system to deteriorate past the point where continued boiler repairs and maintenance will provide no help, and the best choice for warmth and energy efficiency is to have the boiler replaced. Below we will look at ways to tell if that time has arrived for your home’s boiler. Ardon Maintenance is here to provide the assistance you need to make the choice regarding new boiler installation in Huntsville, TX. We can take care of repairs or replacement, whatever it turns out is better for your family’s continued comfort.

Signs a boiler is approaching the end of its service life

Check on your boiler’s age and its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. In general, a well-built boiler can last 20 years or more. A boiler that has gone past 20 years should receive special attention, since this is usually the point where the system will encounter a decline in performance and efficiency. If a boiler at this age needs repair work, check with the repair technician about the possibility of replacing it. If a single repair is greater than half the cost of a replacement, then replacement is a much more cost-effective choice.

The cumulative number of repairs that a boiler needs during a year is also a good measuring stick for whether you should replace it. If the costs for repairs to keep a boiler running is $500 or more a year, it is no longer worth continuing to repair the system; the repairs will only become more frequent and the system less efficient, and it will possibly experience a permanent failure within a few years right when you need it the most.

If a boiler starts to develop corrosion along its tank, it almost certainly needs to be replaced; when corrosion gets a hold, the system is simply too old to continue to function well. Also listen for strange sounds from the tank. Boilers usually operate quietly, and when that silent operation vanishes under odd noises, it often means the aging system is close to a full failure.

Finally, a gradual rise in the cost to run the boiler which does not decrease because of maintenance or repairs, shows that wear and tear have taken too large a toll. Call for a technician to look into the boiler’s operation and see if it’s time to retire it for a new, higher-efficiency model.

Contact Ardon Maintenance if you have doubts about your boiler. Whether you need repairs, maintenance, or boiler installation in Huntsville, TX, we will handle the job with speed and professionalism.

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