What’s the Difference Between PEX Piping and PVC?

When it comes to plumbing, the pipes are everything. Potential problems (and the solutions to them) hinge as much on the composition of your pipework as the installation. We pride ourselves on self-reliance in towns like Huntsville, TX. Plumbing can often be a part of that self-reliance, with do-it-yourselfers endeavoring to treat problems themselves. But before you do so, it pays to know a little bit about the components involved, as well as the reasons why it may be smarter to call in a certified plumber. This is particularly true when comparing the differences between PEX piping and PVC piping: two of the most common types used in homes.

PVC piping is an older form of piping, and if you’ve ever dealt with a sprinkler system, you’re probably quite familiar with it. It consists of white plastic pipes linked together with plastic fittings and bonded with liquid cement. Its lightweight size and comparative strength make it a reliable way of carrying water, and its low cost and ease of installation can be quite appealing. On the other hand, the rigid nature of PVC piping means you may have to use more fittings to get it around any obstacles or corners. That increases the risk of leaks, since improper application of the bonding cement can easily lead to a rupture.

PEX piping on the other hand, uses a more advanced manufacturing process, resulting in a flexible and versatile length of pipe. This eliminates the difficulty of maneuvering the pipe around corners, and the fitting system makes connections much easier than with PVC piping. On the downside, PEX piping tends to break down when exposed to sunlight. Furthermore chlorine can damage the piping, and while most civic water supplies are safe to drink, small amounts of chlorine still slip in.

So which piping works best? That depends on the specifics of your situation. A trained expert can sit down and discuss the options with you after taking a look at your home and seeing about your needs. In Huntsville, TX, plumbing services fall under the realm of Ardon Maintenance. We can explain the differences between PEX piping and PVC to you in clear detail, then set up a schedule to install or repair them that won’t leave you calling far-off plumbing services in Houston for help.

Contact us today and let us meet your Huntsville, TX plumbing needs.

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