What Steps Are Involved in Repairing a Boiler?

Repairing boilers is much different from repairs for a forced-air system like a furnace or heat pump. For starters, boilers generally need fewer repairs than other systems because they have a smaller number of mechanical moving parts. Those fewer mechanical parts also make repairs different, since many fixes involve water pipes and leak sealing.

Although boilers do have a simpler mechanical system than other heaters, it is still not a “do-it-yourself” project to fix one—especially if you have a gas-powered model. Here is a place where boiler repair is similar to furnace repair, since gas-powered boilers and furnaces have similar set-ups with pilot lights/igniters and burners, and neither should have non-professionals working on them when they malfunction because of the danger of carbon monoxide leaks.

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Steps you can expect with boiler repair

If the reason for the boiler malfunction isn’t yet understood, repair technicians will first check to see if the thermostat is working correctly. A broken thermostat is often behind boiler problems, and repair experts can usually fix this quickly.

After this, the technician will check on the burners and ignition for the boiler to see if they are lighting correctly and then narrow down possible sources of the problem. (For an electric furnace, the technician will check the electric flow to the heating elements.) If it appears the issues are with the burners or the ignition/pilot, the technician will shut off the gas supply and remove the burner unit to clean and/or repair it.

If the issue seems to stem from the boiler’s tank, the technician will usually flush it in order to perform necessary de-liming, or to eliminate sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank. If corrosion has started on the boiler, the technician will need to take off and replace the corroded components (such as the heat exchanger) before it spreads to the tank.

For leaking issues, the technician must track down the spots where the leaks have started and fix the weakened joints to seal up the water loss. This process will also involve finding out what has caused the leaks to start in the first place, which will probably lead to flushing the tank. (High water pressure from the tank is a common cause for leaks.)

Why professionals are so important

You’ll notice in the above description that, beyond thermostat checks, there is no set series of “steps” for boiler repair, because there are different possible sources of trouble within the system. Professionals need to discover what requires repair, then focus their work. Without training, it’s difficult to track down what repairs are actually necessary.

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