What Should I Expect from a Heating Maintenance Session?

We’ve officially entered the fall, and in Huntsville TX, that means your air conditioner will be seeing less and less use, and your heater will be seeing more and more. Before the temperature drops too far, you should schedule a routine maintenance session for your heating system with a trained technician. Maintenance sessions are designed to address the countless little problems that develop over the normal use of your system. They will help your heater perform more efficiently – saving you money in lower monthly bills – and if larger repairs are needed, the technician can spot them and schedule a formal session before you need to use your heater every day. “What should I expect from a heating maintenance session?” you ask. Here’s a brief outline below.

  • The session starts with the technician turning off the system and cutting off the gas flow to ensure proper safety.
  • The technician checks all components for signs of damage or leaks. Gas leaks in particular are focused upon, but the process includes checking all major components and ensuring they work as expected.
  • The technician cleans the dust off of all components and unclogs the burners to ensure that they can function as required.
  • The technician tightens all fittings, including loose bolts and screws, to keep components where they should and prevent leaks.
  • The technician tests the ignition system to make sure is works as it’s supposed to. That includes safety features as well: a malfunctioning ignition system needs to be able to cut off the flow of gas to prevent a leak.
  • The technician changes any filters, or cleans them off if they’re not intended to be replaced.
  • The technician runs the system for 15-20 minutes to ensure that everything is running as it should.

Call on the professionals at Ardon Maintenance to schedule a heating maintenance session today!

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