What Kind of Maintenance Does a Garbage Disposal Require?

There is no shortage of appliances with which homeowners can go about making their homes more convenient in this day and age. In terms of optimizing your kitchen and its plumbing system, few upgrades are as beneficial as the garbage disposal. Capable of grinding up food scraps and whisking that waste away via your drain, a garbage disposal is truly a worthy addition to any residential kitchen. Of course, it is helpful if your garbage disposal is in the best working condition possible. That is why you may require some measure of garbage disposal maintenance in Madisonville, TX. When the time to schedule maintenance comes, make sure that you contact the qualified plumbers at Ardon Maintenance.

While we cannot tell you that your garbage disposal will ever be capable of offering flawless, 100% reliable service – it is a mechanical system, remember – we do have some good news for you; garbage disposal maintenance is very minimal. When it comes to your garbage disposal, routine maintenance is not the standard that it is with, say, an HVAC system. By ensuring that you use your garbage disposal appropriately, you yourself can help to keep it in fine condition. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have your garbage disposal inspected during plumbing maintenance services, or that you should ignore any signs of duress with your system. Keep these tips in mind, though, and your garbage disposal should maintain a quality performance level.

First of all, avoid putting very hard items, such as bones, into the disposal. This can damage the mechanisms and the grinder plates. Additionally, remember that very fibrous food waste, such as celery stalks or bananas, should not go into the garbage disposal either. They can wrap around moving parts and strain the motor, leading to damages and burnt out components. Also, avoid pouring any grease or fats into the drain. Sure, they may be in liquid form when hot; however, fats and greases congeal when they cool. This can cause serious clogs in your drains that your garbage disposal is not designed to resolve.

We will inspect your system and tune it up as needed. We can also repair it if necessary. Garbage disposal maintenance in Madisonville, TX is key if you hope to keep your system working just as intended.

If you have any reason to suspect that your garbage disposal is not functioning properly, or that it is sluggish in its operation, don’t hesitate to contact Ardon Maintenance.

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