What Kind of Households Benefit from UV Germicidal Lights?

UV germicidal lights are used to cleanse the air in your home of harmful germs and bacteria. They’re relatively easy for professional technicians to install in your existing HVAC systems and because they have no moving parts, they will last a good long time. (You usually need only replace the UV lightbulbs periodically when they burn out.) They can be particularly beneficial in towns like Huntsville, TX, which have a lot of dust and pollen in the air as well as high summertime humidity. What kinds of households benefit from UV germicidal lights? As always, it depends on your needs.

How UV Germicidal Lights Function

Once established, the UV germicidal lights create a solid wall of light in a key part of your AC system. UV light is beyond our ability to see, but its effects can be felt by germs and other microscopic organisms. It affects their DNA, the building blocks of what they are, and not only eliminates them, but halts their ability to replicate. In one fell swoop, the presence of germs and bacteria is eliminated in your home, and your air becomes much cleaner and healthier as a result. By placing it in your air conditioning system, it can treat a high percentage of your household air with minimal effort, as the system circulates the air past it.

How That Benefits Your Household

The health benefits of UV germicidal lights are self-apparent. Without those creepy crawlies in the air, your household will feel healthier and be less vulnerable to colds and other bugs. This can be a great benefit if you have a newborn baby in your home, as well as anyone with asthma or a similar condition. The elderly can benefit from it too, and of course, anyone who likes fresher, cleaner air will find that UV lights make a big difference!

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