What Kind of Heater is Right for My Home?

You have many choices today when it comes to home heating. Some people might say you have too many, because it makes narrowing down your decision more difficult. However, we don’t believe a variety of choices is a negative: you just need the proper guidance to move you toward the right system. This post will give you some help surveying your choices.

Nothing beats having personal, professional advice, however. To answer the question, “What kind of heating in Huntsville, TX is right for me?” contact the experts at Ardon Maintenance. We’ll assist you in deciding among these options:


Furnaces heat air and then use blowers and ducts to distribute it around a home. Although they are the oldest kind of heating system, furnaces have kept up with technological changes. The biggest advantages of furnaces are their flexibility (they can run from a variety of power sources) and relatively low-cost installations.


Another perennial favorite, boilers use hydronic power—heated water—to provide warmth. Boilers have amazing longevity and minor repair requirements because they contain few moving parts. They also operate quietly and provide clean heat without the need for forced air through ducts.

Heat pumps

These excellent appliances provide both air conditioning and heating through the process of heat exchange. Since they don’t burn fuel to create heat (they move heat instead) they offer superb energy-efficient performance. They use existing ducts, or can be installed as ductless mini-splits.


These are a type of heat pump that use the natural power of the earth as their medium of exchange. They have high initial installation costs, but will pay for themselves in 5 to 10 years because of their energy efficiency. If you want to “go green,” geothermal is a great option.

Radiant floor heating

Popular in Europe for years, using hydronic power to heat floorboards has started to make a major entry into the U.S. Radiant floor heating is effective and clean, and is especially attractive as an initial installation when building a new home.

As you can see, you have an array of choices for home heating, all with pros and cons. No matter how great an individual system may sound, it might not be the right one for your home. Have professional HVAC experts involved from the beginning so that you will end up with a heater that will give you optimal warmth during the winter.

When it comes to professional installation for heating in Huntsville, TX, make sure you hire a contractor who employs NATE-certified technicians. That way you know you’re getting installers with quality training. At Ardon Maintenance, we’re proud to offer NATE-certified technicians for our installation jobs.

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