What Is Short Cycling?

If you own an air conditioner in Huntsville, TX, keep an eye out for your system to turn off and on in rapid succession numerous times throughout the day. The term for this is short cycling, and it’s actually a fairly large problem which can cost you a great deal if you don’t address it quickly. A trained technician can deal with your short cycling issue, but before you call, it’s important to understand what it is and what kinds of problems it can cause. The better your understanding of the condition, the more readily you can respond in the event it crops up.

Why It’s A Problem

Short cycling is a problem because your air conditioner uses exponentially more power when it starts up and shuts down than when it’s simply running. Furthermore, all the friction of that starting up and shutting down can place a great deal of strain on individual components in your system. That increases the chances of a more serious breakdown in the future, as well as shortening the life of your system overall. It comes on top the higher bills that it creates with all the energy used by starting up and shutting down.

How it Can Be Corrected

Short cycling can stem from a number of different issues, ranging from trouble with the compressor to low refrigerant levels to an air conditioner that is too powerful for the space it needs to cool. A trained air conditioning repair technician can address most of these issues, but more importantly, he or she can set up a regular maintenance session that can anticipate and prevent many of the problems that lead to short cycling. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure as they say, and the right service can help you get a jump on short-cycling problems before they start.

For more on how to prevent and correct short cycling problems, call the pros at Ardon Maintenance today!

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