What Is Formicary Corrosion?

Here in Huntsville, TX, we’ve finally reached the cooler months, which means our air conditioners are done for the season. That makes it a great time to look into improvements that can help it handle potential future problems more readily. Among the calls we’re seeing more of these days is problems caused by formicary corrosion, which strikes the copper tubing in your system and can lead to refrigerant leaks or even replacement of the entire component. What is formicary corrosion and how can you prevent it? Read on for the answers.

Ants and Cleansers

Formicary corrosion is caused by formic acid, which combines with oxygen and moisture in the air to strike at copper and corrode it.  Formic acid can come from certain household chemicals, but also from ants, which are a big problem in this part of the world and which may move indoors in the face of cold weather to bedevil your home. And they don’t need to be in the system itself to cause damage. The formic acid can float in the air, pulled through your heating or air conditioning system during its regular operation and doing its work from there.

How to Stop It

If you have ants in your home, then getting rid of them is a good start, but they inevitably come back, and dealing with them is unfortunately an ongoing issue in our neck of the woods. To deal with formicary corrosion more readily, considering installing a dehumidifier and/or an electronic air filter in your home. By scrubbing the air clean, it will reduce the amount of formic acid in the air, and drier air will reduce the likelihood of the chemical reaction that results in formicary corrosion. On top of that, both products will help your household air feel cleaner and reduce the strain on your heating and air conditioning system.

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