What Happens If My Thermostats Stop Working?

Do you find that your AC doesn’t reach the correct temperature? Or that it doesn’t start up at all? Knowing whether your thermostat is working properly is critical to ensuring that your entire system operates correctly. What do you do if your thermostat stops working? Get in touch with your local HVAC technician so that he can come take a look. Your thermostat is the key to your HVAC system: it senses the temperature and allows you to customize your indoor climate according to your unique preferences and cooling requirements. Newer models even allow for remote control through wifi. But no matter how sophisticated your thermostat is, it can’t do much good when broken.

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A thermostat malfunction can involve more than just a blank screen.

There may be other signs that your thermostat needs to be evaluated  and possibly replaced with a new one.

  • AC won’t turn on. There are various reasons why your AC may not turn on. It could be an electrical issue or a problem with the blower motor, or even a bad capacitor. But it might also be your thermostat. In order to communicate to your air handler that cooling is necessary, the thermostat has to be capable of detecting the right temperature. An AC that fails to start is useless, so it’s best to get a handle on this problem as soon as possible.
  • AC won’t turn off. During a Texas summer, you may never want your AC to turn off again, but it should not run continuously. This can lead to increased system wear and tear, high energy bills, and increased risk of system damage. If you find that your AC won’t turn off, then your thermostat may not be sensing the temperature correctly.
  • Inadequate cooling. If it feels as though the temperature never drops to what it states on the thermostat reading, then you may want to consider thermostat replacement.

Call Ardon Maintenance for all of your air conditioning repair needs in Huntsville, TX.

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