What Happens During Plumbing Maintenance

Your pipes and plumbing system are some of the most important elements of your home, providing safe water for cooking and cleaning. Like any other appliance, they require regular maintenance to stay in good shape. A planned upkeep session from a trained professional will help keep your pipes functioning as they should, as well as extending the life of your plumbing system as a whole. When it comes to plumbing maintenance, Huntsville TX residents have a number of options, but what happens during plumbing maintenance specifically?

Particulars vary depending on the individual company, but a basic overview can be found below:

  • The plumber will check the water pressure in the home and make sure it is at the appropriate levels.
  • He or she will check the plumbing system for existing leaks, especially in the faucets and around any fittings. If the leak can be repaired easily (by tightening a fitting for instance) then the plumber will do so.
  • He or she will examine the drains to make sure they drain quickly, and snake or cleanse the drains that don’t.
  • He or she will check the shower heads for signs of calcification and build-up, then clean that build up if any exist.
  • He or she will examine the toilet, ensure that it flushes correctly and that there are no leaks or similar problems.
  • He or she will check for cracked tiles in the bathroom, corrosion in the pipes or other signs of potential problems that may not be present immediately, but could cause more serious situations further on down the line.

A maintenance session isn’t strictly a repair session, but those little tweaks can help prevent repairs later on. Furthermore, it a larger problem is detected, it can be dealt with preemptively rather than waiting for a more extensive failure later on. For help with plumbing maintenance, Huntsville TX residents have an ally in Ardon Maintenance. We can explain what happens during plumbing maintenance, then schedule a session that fits your timeframe perfectly.

Pick up the phone and give us a call today; you’ll be glad that you did.

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