What Causes Pipe Leaks?

Modern plumbing is a truly outstanding luxury that has improved our lives in countless ways. Every time you flush your toilet, take a shower, wash your hands or brush your teeth, you are depending on the successful operation of an intricate plumbing system that runs throughout your home. Of course, every plumbing system is susceptible to problems occasionally, no matter how well-installed and maintained it may be. Of all the issues you may encounter with the condition of your plumbing system, basic pipe leaks are among the most common. Here is some information about common causes of pipe leaks from the Madisonville, TX plumbing repair pros at Ardon Maintenance.

While a very common cause of burst pipes and plumbing leaks in other parts of the country is freezing weather, the heat here in Texas can actually lead to pipe leaks as well. Of course your pipes are not going to melt with the heat of summer, but the drying out of the ground surrounding underground pipes, and the shifting and cracking of the soil that ensues, can cause your pipes to crack and leak. If you notice any pooling of water in your yard or a drop in water pressure within your home, contact our plumbing repair technicians immediately.

In many cases, pipe leaks are a direct result of poor maintenance practices. It is a very good idea to have your plumbing system inspected annually to ensure that all of its different components are operating properly. Even issues that may seem minor to you can have a serious negative impact on the condition of your pipes. Slow moving or frequently clogged drains, for instance, may seem like little more than an inconvenience. In actuality, though, such problems can throw off the pressure throughout your entire plumbing system, and the resulting pressure imbalance can cause real problems with your pipes.

To learn more about common causes of pipe leaks, as well as how you can help prevent such issues, contact the Madisonville, TX plumbing repair technicians at Ardon Maintenance today. We can help you protect the condition of the pipes in your home. Call now for more information.

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