What Can Go Wrong with an Amateur Furnace Installation

A furnace is a complex piece of heating equipment, but many amateurs still feel up to the job of installing a new one. All too often, technicians arrive at the scene of a heating system breakdown only to hear the homeowner say, “My friend offered to install it for cheap.” Unfortunately, many homeowners search for a cheap way to have their heating systems installed. But this sometimes results in disaster, with heating systems breaking down much sooner than they’re meant to.

Heating installation is a job that should be left to professionals in the field only. That’s because heating installers have the training, experience, expertise, and the right tools to get the job done as quickly and accurately as possible. When you don’t work with experts for the job, there’s a lot that could go wrong.

For one, if every component of your heating system is not in top shape, exactly where it’s supposed to be, and securely mounted, it simply cannot perform as it’s supposed to. One loose screw can force your entire unit to work harder, every part attempting to make up for the one piece that’s not quite secure. This can significantly raise your heating bills, and as parts become worn down, you may find yourself replacing pieces of your heating system left and right.

Furthermore, amateur heating installation can be unsafe. Furnaces have many safety controls and features that help protect you from any potential fire hazards or health threats from gas leaks. These are connected to a main control board which is powered by electricity in order to shut off the gas valve in case there is a problem. If your flame sensor cannot properly sense when there is no flame present, it cannot activate the safety features that communicate with the furnace to quit running.

Another potential safety hazard is improper ventilation. If you don’t already have the proper size and direction of venting system in your home, you’ll need to upgrade so that the system can get dangerous combustion gases out of your home quickly. When you don’t use the proper shape and size of venting pipe, the safety controls in your system will likely shut off the system before the heating cycle is complete, and you’ll need a technician to repair the damage.

If you don’t call a heating professional for installation, you’ll likely have to end up calling one soon enough for premature repairs or replacement. Choose an installer who will take the time to ensure everything is done right. Call Ardon Maintenance to schedule heating installation in Madisonville, TX today!

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