What are the Steps Involved in Furnace Maintenance?

If you own a furnace, one of the most important things you can do for it every year is schedule maintenance with a professional technician. It’s essential to do some tasks every once in a while to keep your unit in top shape, such as changing the furnace filter every one to three months. A dirty furnace filter blocks airflow to the unit, which means you may not feel as warm as you’d like and your system won’t run as efficiently as it could.

But only a technician can let you know if the components inside of your furnace are causing problems as well. You may not realize that a component of your system is failing, and may break down without warning if you do not replace it soon. Or, loose components may be costing you more on your energy bills every month. The following steps can keep your system in top shape when performed by a professional.

Cleaning Dirty Parts and Removing Debris

You know what a shelf looks like when you put off dusting for a couple of weeks, so imagine how much dust can accumulate over the course of a single year. If one of the key components of your furnace is covered with a layer of dirt, it can keep that part from running like it is supposed to, significantly interfering with the function of your entire unit. A dirty combustion chamber, for example, can mean big trouble for your unit, sometimes leading to corrosion.

Adjusting Key Components

Sometimes, minor parts may move out of place or become loose over time and your system may simply require a few adjustments to run like new. You could have a loose fan blade or screw, or your flue damper may need adjustment for maximum efficiency.

Full System Inspection

Finally, a full system inspection can give you peace of mind that your system is running just as it is supposed to. This includes testing the efficiency of your burner and checking for health risks such as holes in the exhaust flue and the gas line.

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