What are the Benefits of UV Germicidal Lights?

Indoor air quality plays almost as much of a role as temperature control in maintaining the comfort level of your home or business. Dust, bacteria and other contaminants have a way of getting into your circulation system and spreading throughout your house. Here in Huntsville, TX, you can install a number of indoor air quality devices to help combat those tendencies. Chief among them are UV germicidal lights, which help eliminate biological contaminants in your home and keep your family members healthy.

How Do They Work?

UV stands for ultraviolet, a light that humans aren’t able to see. Sunlight contains UV light, which is why we tan or burn when we stay out in it for too long. At lower levels, you can spot it at rock concerts or dark rides at amusement parks: it’s what makes white clothes seem to glow in the dark. But while low levels of UV are harmless to humans and pets, they are absolutely lethal to microorganisms like germs and bacteria.

The trick is to place the light in a field that exposes the maximum amount of air to it with the minimum amount of space and energy used. That usually means the apex of your ducts in your air conditioning system, which circulates the air in your entire house through it. The field of light stretches from one side of the ducts to the other, making it impossible for germs to escape. The light activates as the system blows the air, gradually “scrubbing” it free of germs.

The Results

As a result, your family will feel healthier and the incidents of sickness in your home will drop considerably. This is of especial concern if you have a newborn infant in the home, since they’re more prone to illnesses. Elderly residents and those afflicted with conditions such as asthma can benefit too, though anyone with concerns about contracting illness can use a UV germicidal light.

If you’re interested in installing a UV germicidal light, then call the experts at Ardon Maintenance today!

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