What Are the Benefits of Keeping Your Furnace Maintained?

Although furnaces are among the oldest ways of heating a home (only fireplaces have a longer history), they are still one of the best. Furnaces combine efficiency and effective warmth, and the many models and fuel types available mean they will fit almost any home.

A furnace requires regular care to make sure that it continues to provide your family with a cozy home for many years. An annual maintenance visit from a qualified service technician goes a long way toward keeping your furnace in the shape it should be. We’ll explain the major benefits you’ll receive from a well-maintained furnace.

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Increased Safety

Safety is an important issue with gas-powered furnaces. Although natural gas furnaces are much safer today than a few decades ago, they become potentially more hazardous without regular maintenance. Maintenance technicians take special precautions when inspecting a gas furnace and check over all the components connected to the gas main and involved in combustion, heat exchange, and venting. A gas furnace with routine maintenance should rarely present any risk of carbon monoxide exposure or explosions. (Electric furnaces can also become safety hazards because of bad wiring.)

Longer Lifespan

Gas-powered furnaces have a life expectancy of around 20 years. Electric furnaces can go beyond this. However, that is only if they receive routine maintenance every year (and any repairs that a maintenance technician recommends). Without regular maintenance, a furnace will start to wear down and age rapidly, taking years off of its service life. An unmaintained furnace will be fortunate enough to reach half its manufacturer’s expect lifespan.

Fewer Repairs

If all the parts of a furnace are kept clean, lubricated, and tightened for maximum efficiency, it decreases the chances of a malfunction. You’ll limit the stress if having to repair your furnace and lower the risk of the heater shutting down abruptly when you need it most.

Reduced Utility Bills

When a furnace begins to deteriorate from lack of care, it will operate with greater stress and require more power, driving up heating bills. But furnace running in top shape will not drain extra energy to work. A furnace with regular maintenance costs, on average, 20% less per year to run.

If you haven’t had your furnace serviced in over a year, don’t worry…it’s never too late to get started with maintenance. To enroll in a quality maintenance program that helps keep furnaces in Madisonville, TX running their best, call Ardon Maintenance today and talk to one of our friendly technicians.

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