Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The U.S. currently faces a health crisis few people know about, and it’s lurking right inside your home. It isn’t some horrible chemical located in your basement or an infestation of burrowing super-termites attacking your home’s foundations. No, it’s something as simple as the quality of your air. You are probably accustomed to thinking of pollution as something that afflicts only the outdoor air; however, the U.S. EPA has identified that indoor air quality is usually far worse, and it affects millions of people every day.

How can you improve the indoor air quality of your home? There are a variety of ways, and we’ll look at a few of the top options in this post.

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Here are some methods to improve indoor air quality

  • Open up doors and windows during the day: This is the simplest way to circulate fresh air through your house and clean out the stale air that moves through your home’s ventilation system. But this has a serious drawback: open windows and doors can cause temperature discomfort, and during summers you can’t keep this up for long. That’s why you’ll need alternatives, such as the rest of these options.
  • Air cleaners and purifiers: Professionals in air quality can select and size special  air filters and air purifiers to go into your ventilation system and work with your air conditioner and heater to clean out contaminating particles and gases. Air cleaners use mechanical filters, like HEPA filters, to trap debris, while electronic air purifiers ionize the air to pull in even the tiniest pollutants, cleaning out smoke and chemicals. Cleaners are simple to install for technicians, and they will do their job with only the need for occasional maintenance.
  • UV germicidal lights: These are designed to attack a specific and serious problem that can afflict your air quality through the ventilation system: the growth of molds that might send out toxic spores into the air. To eliminate these pests and prevent them from returning, technicians will install UV lights that attack the cellular structure of the molds and kill them without causing any damage to your indoor air—no chemicals required! If you suspect mold growth, contact air quality specialists right away, and they will find a method to remediate the problem.

Find the air quality solution you need

Our team at Ardon Maintenance takes your health seriously, and we want to discover the best way to solve your issues with the air inside your house. Call us and schedule an appointment to look into your indoor air quality in Madisonville, TX. Along with air cleaners, purifiers, and mold remediation, we can also balance your home’s humidity and make important repairs to your ductwork.

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