Types of Furnaces for You to Choose From

What continues to make furnaces such a popular option for providing homes with heat during the winter? One reason is that furnaces have great variety: there’s one for every home and every family. It’s rare that professional HVAC installers can’t find a type of furnace to match an individual house’s needs.

And that’s why you should rely on professional HVAC installers to help you choose your furnace. With the cornucopia of options available, furnace selection can seem overwhelming and even frustrating… and without professional assistance, you’ll likely end up with the wrong model for your needs. Trust the experts at Ardon Maintenance to guide you in choosing the best furnace for installation in Madisonville, TX. We can handle the installation process from beginning to end.

There are many variables among furnaces, from their fuel sources to their operation.

Here are some of the types of furnaces you may consider:

Gas furnaces

The most popular furnace models today run off natural gas. Because of the lower cost of natural gas compared to electricity, a gas furnace is an excellent way to slim down your monthly power bills. However, gas furnaces often cost more to install than electric furnaces and do have the potential (although rare) of carbon monoxide leaks.

Modulating furnaces

These advanced natural gas furnaces continually modulate the amount of gas they burn to maintain a steady temperature. Unlike standard furnaces, which attain their target temperature and then shut off, a modulating furnace avoids the extra fuel expense of constant starts. This also helps it to evenly heat your home. However, modulating furnaces are usually more expensive to purchase than standard models.

Electric furnaces

This is a good option if your home doesn’t have a access to a gas line. Electric furnaces use heating elements to warm up the air which it circulates throughout your home. They are easy to fit inside most houses because of their generally small size, and they have lower initial installation costs—but they will incur higher power bills than a gas furnace.

Propane furnaces

Although propane furnaces can achieve the same amount of heating power as a gas model, we don’t often recommend them because they are not as fuel-efficient and are far less environmentally-friendly than other options.

Your furnace choice needs to fit the unique requirements of your home so don’t go it alone when choosing your home heating system. When it comes to furnaces in Madisonville, TX, you should turn to Ardon Maintenance and our NATE-certified technicians. Contact us today!

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