Tips to Get a Great Air Conditioning Installation

In Texas, an air conditioner isn’t merely a piece of equipment for temporary summer comfort. We need to have ACs working most of the year to keep us cool, even during the winter. We don’t just need air conditioners—we need air conditioners that are durable and efficient.

A vital part of getting great service from your AC is to get a great AC installation in the first place. How your air conditioning system gets placed in your home affects its lifetime of service. If its installation is done poorly with amateur workmanship, an air conditioner won’t even have much of a lifetime: parts will wear down, the components may require repairs within only a few years, and the whole system will overwork trying to compensate for the deficiencies in the installation.

So the first step you should take to get a great installation is to call a professional HVAC company with the experience necessary to get your Huntsville, TX air conditioning installation done right the first time. Make Ardon Maintenance your top choice when it comes to quality work.

A great air conditioning installation starts before a single hammer or drill comes out of a toolkit: an air conditioner must be sized so it will provide your home with the right amount of cooling without straining or short cycling. AC specialists will know all the factors to consider when sizing your system, many of which you probably haven’t even considered.

Along with sizing comes the selection of the right type of air conditioner to install: Will a heat pump work best? What about a ductless mini split? Or is now the time to go geothermal? It can be tricky to navigate the many options, but trust the professionals to narrow down the choices so you get the right system for your home.

When it’s time for the actual physical installation, if you have people with the right training and equipment, you can rest easy knowing your air conditioner is installed quickly and properly. As long as you get regular maintenance done on your new AC, it should give you years of efficient service with few repair requirements.

Please don’t try to install an air conditioner yourself, or trust an amateur to do it. This won’t save you money—in the long run the cost of repairs and the eventual premature replacement will outweigh the dollars you saved getting the job done cheaply. Ardon Maintenance is the company to call when you’re ready for air conditioning installation in Huntsville, TX. We’ll help keep you cool all year long.

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