Things You Should Never Wash Down the Sink

We get used to disposing of food particles down our kitchen sinks, thanks to the use of garbage disposals which seem to take care of them for us. But not every piece of food should be cast aside in this manner. Certain types of food can come back to haunt you later, and while Huntsville, TX has plumbers who can correct the problem for you, far better to avoid it in the first place by refraining from washing certain food particles down the sink. We’ve provided a short list of the “prime offenders,” which you should always throw away in the garbage.

  • Fruit seeds. This can include peach pits, cherry stones and stems, as well as any hard seed from a fruit or vegetable. They can severely damage the garbage disposal if they come into contact with the blades, and their size can easily lead to a clog or a backup elsewhere in your pipes.
  • Bones. Similarly, bones have no place in the pipes or garbage disposal. They can’t be readily ground up and their presence can only cause damage.
  • Vegetable peelings. Peelings from potatoes, carrots, celery and the like are made of tough fibrous materials, difficult to break down and easy to form a nasty back-up when tangled together or combined with other components.
  • Hot fat or grease. This can be a tricky one, since hot fat and grease is often in liquid form when people pour it down the drain. But once there, it can quickly cool and solidify in your pipes, once again creating a clog.
  • Coffee grounds. Coffee grounds can be like sand in your system, making it very hard to dislodge.
  • Rice and pasta. Both of these foods can swell when they get wet, creating blockages very easily.

By disposing of these foods properly, you can avoid a lot of time and effort. For other problems with your plumbing system, give the experts at Ardon Maintenance a call today!

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