The Most Common Generator Repairs We Perform

Texans pride themselves on their independence, which is why you see a lot of generators in Madisonville, TX and similar towns. Not only do generators provide reliable power during inclement weather, but it gives homeowners a sense of self sufficiency when doing so: the notion that they can stand on their own two feet without assistance from anyone else. That’s why the experts at Ardon Maintenance pride themselves on first-rate generator repair services. We’re accustomed to handling a number of different problems, which help us to quickly identify and correct any issues you may have with your generator.

The most common generator repairs we perform include the following:

  • Low oil levels. When you have to run your generator, it may need to run for quite some time, and oil can run low as soon as 24 hours after you activate it. Unless it’s changed regularly – something that can be tough to do after inclement weather – it can cause considerable damage to the generator’s components. That can result in overheating, worn parts and eventual shutdown. Keep plenty of oil and filters in reserve when you start running your generator to prevent this kind of failure.
  • Leaking liquids. In addition to oil, most generators require diesel fuel to run and use coolant to help regulate internal temperatures. When any of these materials start to leak, it spells trouble. Leaks can spring from ruptured lines, but build-up (such as carbon or oil build-up) in the system itself, from issues with individual components such as crankcase breathers or from “wet stacking” caused by running the generator with no load.
  • Improper sizing. Generators need to be properly sized in order to do their jobs. Too small and it will labor to keep up with the load. Too large and it may suffer from “wet stacking” or similar issues. Make sure you anticipate your power needs and purchase a generator that matches the proper size for your needs.

In all these cases, Ardon Maintenance can provide sound advice, as well as timely service when the time comes to make repairs. Generatorsspeak to the independences of our community. Let us help you maintain that independence, both with the most common generator repairs we perform and with more unusual issues. Give us a call today when you need help with your generators in Madisonville, TX!

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