The Benefits of LED Lighting in Huntsville, TX

Light emitting diode (LED) lights are growing in popularity now as a replacement for standard incandescent bulbs. LED lights cost more than the old standby lights, but people have discovered the enormous benefits that they provide far outweigh this small upfront charge.

Let’s look at the some of the ways LED lights will save you money and improve your home’s lighting. For all electrical services in Huntsville, TX, contact the team at Ardon Maintenance today. We can help you convert your home to LED lighting.

Reasons to Look Into LED Lighting

  • Energy efficiency: The main attraction of LED lights is that they use less electricity than standard halogen and fluorescent lights. The average LED light bulb has 80%–90% energy efficiency, converting most of the electrical power into lighting and losing only 10%–20% of that energy to other forms—such as heat. These efficiency ratings are nearly the reverse of incandescent bulbs, which average a mere 20% efficiency. This means significant savings on your energy bills if you switch.
  • Longevity: You’ll have plenty of time to receive energy savings, because LED lights can run for approximately 11 years of continuous operation. Instead of burning out light standard bulbs, they instead eventually become less bright.
  • Environmentally friendly: Standard incandescent light bulbs contain many different toxic chemicals which are harmful for the environment, such as mercury. LED lights contain none these chemicals, and they are also recyclable. Combine that with their longevity, and LED lights are great for the planet.
  • Better for lighting design: If you are looking to create a new look for your house with lighting, LED lights give you many more options than incandescent lights with more dynamic controls for dimming and color distribution.
  • Lower heat output: As part of being energy efficient, LED lights release far less wasted energy as heat. This means that they won’t contribute to making your house too warm, which is a great benefit during a Texas summer.

Ardon Maintenance has LED lighting professionals on staff if you are interested in having new installation for your home. You’ll need professional services to help adapt your Huntsville, TX electrical system for the new lighting, so make sure you call up a company with the right experience. Call us today and schedule your next lighting installation with our qualified electrical experts at Ardon Maintenance.

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