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Fight Allergies this Spring with a UV Air Purifier

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Spring is on its way here in Madisonville, TX, and with it comes the inevitable onslaught of pollen and other biological contaminants to invade your home. If you suffer from allergies or someone in your family does, you know how distressing this time of year can be. Any steps you can take to make the air in your home cleaner and safer are steps well worth taking. A UV air purifier, which shines an ultraviolet light across the apex of your cooling ducts and forces air to pass through it when you run your heater or air conditioning, is an ideal way to fight allergies this spring. We’ve provided a quick breakdown on how it works. (more…)

What are the Benefits of UV Germicidal Lights?

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Indoor air quality plays almost as much of a role as temperature control in maintaining the comfort level of your home or business. Dust, bacteria and other contaminants have a way of getting into your circulation system and spreading throughout your house. Here in Huntsville, TX, you can install a number of indoor air quality devices to help combat those tendencies. Chief among them are UV germicidal lights, which help eliminate biological contaminants in your home and keep your family members healthy. (more…)

What Kind of Households Benefit from UV Germicidal Lights?

Monday, June 8th, 2015

UV germicidal lights are used to cleanse the air in your home of harmful germs and bacteria. They’re relatively easy for professional technicians to install in your existing HVAC systems and because they have no moving parts, they will last a good long time. (You usually need only replace the UV lightbulbs periodically when they burn out.) They can be particularly beneficial in towns like Huntsville, TX, which have a lot of dust and pollen in the air as well as high summertime humidity. What kinds of households benefit from UV germicidal lights? As always, it depends on your needs. (more…)