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Hidden Problems You May Have in Your Plumbing System

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

So you don’t give your plumbing system much thought on a daily basis, but who would want to? Modern plumbing systems are designed so that we don’t have to worry about the water and sewage that flows through them, as pipes are hidden behind walls and underneath the property. Your fixtures are setup in such a way that they require minimal attention and care, but unfortunately all of these modern conveniences means it’s difficult to tell when something goes wrong with your plumbing.

We all know that an unexpected plumbing issue can turn into a disaster, causing water or sewage to flood onto your property. That’s why many companies offer preventive plumbing maintenance to give homeowners some peace of mind. Plumbing maintenance involves a thorough inspection, some cleaning, and an adjustment of the most important parts of your plumbing system, including the smaller parts like the garbage disposal and water heater. Here’s what may go wrong without an occasional tune up.

  • Leaky Pipes: You may have spotted a leak once before when water pooled underneath the sink or when your water pressure was significantly reduced. But a leak can remain fairly hidden, and most homeowners don’t notice there is a problem right away. A hidden leak may not cause much of an effect in your shower, but it could be leaking several gallons of water a day, costing you extra on your utilities, or else a sewage leak underneath your property may pose a health threat.
  • Impending Drain Clogs: Don’t wait until a drain has slowed or is stopped completely before scheduling service. With maintenance, a technician may notice a problem with your garbage disposal or buildup in the pipes that could lead to a clog later on.
  • Corroding Water Heater: Your water heater contains a component called an anode rod which attracts rust so that the water heater will not corrode. When this rod becomes rusted through it needs replacement or else rust can accumulate in the tank instead, which will lead to the need for replacement.

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Common Problems Found During Plumbing Maintenance

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Plumbing repairs can be quite a hassle, but you can protect your system by calling a professional for plumbing maintenance today. The best way to make sure your pipes, garbage disposal, and water heater continue to work the best that they can is by scheduling this service once a year. Here at Ardon Maintenance, we’ve found that many homeowners are unaware of problems in their plumbing systems until they schedule maintenance. Here are some of the most common problems we find.

  • Leaks: Plumbing leaks can drive up your water bill, and they may indicate serious problems in your pipes. While leaks may affect your water pressure or cause water spots around the home, homeowners are sometimes unable to spot the signs of leaks before it’s too late. And leaks around the home may attract mold and mildew, leading to health problems. A trained plumber can find and seal leaks, and determine the cause in order to prevent your pipes from leaking in the future.
  • Mineral Buildup: Another common issue which homeowners may be unaware of is mineral deposits in the pipes. Mineral deposits result from a problem with hard water. If your water supply contains too many minerals like calcium and magnesium, it may cause problems with the pipes in your home. Deposits build along the insides of pipes, reducing the water pressure, and eventually the pipes may need replacement. A plumber can let you know whether this is a potential problem for your home during a maintenance visit.
  • Corrosion: Another serious problem that may be caught during maintenance is corrosion. The technician may notice corrosion in your water heater or in your pipes. In either case, it may mean that it’s time for replacement. While it may be alarming to discover that you need a new water heater or new pipes, finding out early is better than waiting for a major leak.

While these problems are found from time to time, maintenance can also give you peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is in better shape than it was before.

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Reasons to Schedule Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Your home’s plumbing system is responsible for providing water and drainage for the tasks you do every day. Think about everything you do around the home that requires a working plumbing system. Drinking water, bathing, doing laundry, cleaning the floors, and cooking are only a few of the tasks that require running water and a working set of drains. So if something goes wrong with your plumbing, you may be unable to complete the tasks that get you through the day.

This alone should be reason enough to schedule regular plumbing maintenance for your home. Maintaining your plumbing helps prevent the need for sudden repairs and keeps your mind at ease knowing everything is running as it should. Still not convinced? Here are some of the ways plumbing maintenance helps homeowners in Normange.

  • Catch Water Leaks: Sometimes, you can see pools of water build up under sinks or near appliances that indicate a water leak in the pipes. However, sometimes water leaks are less evident if the problem is small or if there is a leak in a hidden location. With maintenance, leaks are caught before they damage your home.
  • Reduce Clogs: Many homeowners have dealt with the unpleasantness of the occasional clogged drain. And while some problems may be removed with a plunger, there may still be a buildup within the drain system that could seriously damage your pipes.
  • Get Better Water Pressure: Excessive buildup in the pipes not only causes clogs and pipe damage, it may also reduce the water pressure to your home. And maintaining water pressure is important when you need a hot shower or clean dishes. A maintenance visit may actually improve the water pressure throughout your home.
  • Maintain Your Appliances: When you have plumbing problems, major fixtures such as the dishwasher or washing machine may be affected. Maintenance can help you get a longer lifespan from your most expensive appliances.
  • Lower Bills: Leaks and other plumbing problems may lead to high water bills. During maintenance, your plumber may also tell you about products that may help you save even more water.

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What Does Plumbing Maintenance Involve?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

When we think of the plumbing in our homes, we usually imagine durable metal pipes that rarely suffer from any serious problems. Yes, leaks will occur, but they’re rare and it only takes one call to a plumber to fix them. Sometimes clogs occur in drains, but there’s nothing much that can be done to prevent those, right?

Wrong! Your plumbing needs special care or it will develop troubles such as leaks, high water pressure, persistent clogging, and damage to appliances such as the water heater and the dishwasher. (By the way, you can take steps to help prevent clogs.) Even if you aren’t noticing any problems with your plumbing, you still need to schedule annual maintenance on it to make sure it stays in excellent shape and to catch any hidden issues that may be developing.

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What to Expect During a Plumbing Maintenance Visit

  • Checking for leaks: The majority of leaks that occur in home plumbing start in places out of the sight of the homeowner. Even the smallest leaks, such as pinhole leaks, will enlarge into major problems that can eat through drywall, warp wood flooring, and encourage mold and mildew growth. The amount of water waste will also be considerable, adding to your bills. During maintenance, a plumber will search for leaking issues you may not have noticed yet and stop them.
  • Examining drainpipes for cleaning issues: It’s important to have the drains in your home cleaned regularly to prevent build-up of organic material, hair, and soap-scum that can start to close off the drains, leading to spikes in water pressure and increases in clogging and slow drainage. Maintenance will make sure your drains are in good condition and not prone to blockage.
  • Detecting pipe corrosion: Corrosion is a problem for both old steel pipes and newer copper ones. Galvanized steel pipes will corrode given enough time, and regular maintenance will pinpoint where the pipes need replacement. But copper pipes can suffer from a particular type of corrosion, pitting corrosion, that will lead to insidious pinhole leaks. Maintenance plumbers will keep a sharp look out for the development of pitting corrosion.

There is even more involved in plumbing maintenance than this; plumbers use a lengthy checklist to make sure they inspect all parts of your plumbing that could require repairs. With a trustworthy and experienced plumber handling your plumbing maintenance, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your home’s pipes and fixtures are in the best shape possible.

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What Happens During Plumbing Maintenance

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Your pipes and plumbing system are some of the most important elements of your home, providing safe water for cooking and cleaning. Like any other appliance, they require regular maintenance to stay in good shape. A planned upkeep session from a trained professional will help keep your pipes functioning as they should, as well as extending the life of your plumbing system as a whole. When it comes to plumbing maintenance, Huntsville TX residents have a number of options, but what happens during plumbing maintenance specifically?

Particulars vary depending on the individual company, but a basic overview can be found below:

  • The plumber will check the water pressure in the home and make sure it is at the appropriate levels.
  • He or she will check the plumbing system for existing leaks, especially in the faucets and around any fittings. If the leak can be repaired easily (by tightening a fitting for instance) then the plumber will do so.
  • He or she will examine the drains to make sure they drain quickly, and snake or cleanse the drains that don’t.
  • He or she will check the shower heads for signs of calcification and build-up, then clean that build up if any exist.
  • He or she will examine the toilet, ensure that it flushes correctly and that there are no leaks or similar problems.
  • He or she will check for cracked tiles in the bathroom, corrosion in the pipes or other signs of potential problems that may not be present immediately, but could cause more serious situations further on down the line.

A maintenance session isn’t strictly a repair session, but those little tweaks can help prevent repairs later on. Furthermore, it a larger problem is detected, it can be dealt with preemptively rather than waiting for a more extensive failure later on. For help with plumbing maintenance, Huntsville TX residents have an ally in Ardon Maintenance. We can explain what happens during plumbing maintenance, then schedule a session that fits your timeframe perfectly.

Pick up the phone and give us a call today; you’ll be glad that you did.