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Important Air Conditioning Components: The Compressor

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

There are 3 key components in your air conditioner: the condenser, the evaporator and the compressor. Each of these components plays an important role in the operation of your system, and when one malfunctions, it affects your whole air conditioning system in Midway. Compressors are complex, so it’s important to always use a trained professional, like the ones at Ardon Maintenance, to repair your compressor.

What Is the Compressor?

The compressor is a cylindrical component that pressurizes the refrigerant in your system. It is housed in the outdoor unit and has its own motor. Refrigerant flows into the compressor from the indoor evaporator unit where it changes from a cool, low-pressure gas to a hot, high-pressure one. This is an important part of the heat release/cooling process your air conditioner does in order to cool your home.

Common Repair Issues with Compressors

There are some common issues that technicians see with compressors:

Motor issues – the compressor motor can overheat, overload or, in the case of a refrigerant leak, take in liquid refrigerant, which it isn’t able to process. Other things, like windings, can burn or disconnect, causing the motor to malfunction or not run at all. The motor of your compressor is a complex piece of mechanical equipment, so it’s best to have a professional repair it.

Electrical problems – the wiring in your compressor can erode, fray or disconnect. When this happens, the compressor can have a hard time starting up, known as hard-starting, or not run at all. Like the motor, the wiring inside your compressor can be complex and is best left to a trained professional.

Issues with refrigerant – the refrigerant in your system has to be at an exact level in order for your system to work properly, and the same is true for your compressor. Refrigerant levels don’t change in your system unless there’s a leak. Your compressor is made to pressurize a specific amount of refrigerant with each cycle, and if that level is low, it can cause the compressor to malfunction.

Call an Expert When It Comes to Your Compressor

Your compressor plays a key role in your air conditioning system in Midway and, as such, shouldn’t be handled by someone who isn’t professionally trained.

If you think you may be experiencing problems with your air conditioner’s compressor, call Ardon Maintenance today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

Why the Size of Your Heater Matters

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

“What size heater should I get? Well, the largest one, of course! Whatever I can afford and will fit in the space. You can’t have a heater that’s too large, right?”

“What size heater should I get? Hmm, let’s go for something small that won’t drain too much power. If the heat feels low, I can just turn the heater up a bit higher. I’ll end up saving money, right?”

The response the both of these is: “No, that’s not a good idea: you won’t get the benefits you think, and it will cost you a great deal of money in the future.”

Sizing your heater so it fits the needs of your house is a crucial part of heating installation. We’ll explain here what will go wrong if you end up with an incorrectly sized heater.

Look to installation from the certified professionals at Ardon Maintenance for your heating installation in Midway, TX.

A heater that’s too large

Bigger isn’t better in this case. A heater that too large for the space it is supposed to warm will rapidly reach its target temperature. Too rapidly: the thermostat will signal for the heater to shut off before it has completed its heating cycle. This is called “short cycling,” and it causes immense wear on the heater’s components. The heater will age rapidly, needing numerous repairs and eventually breaking down long before its manufacturer’s expected lifetime. Short cycling also will lead to cold rooms in a house, because the heater will turn off before it can spread the warmth evenly.

A heater that’s too small

If the heater is inadequate for a home’s size, it will need to run almost continually to keep it evenly warm, and this will drain energy, leading to high bills, and also cause it to run down and eventually break. It’s important to remember that a thermostat is not a throttle: if you set it at a higher temperature, it won’t create more heat, or produce it faster. It simply tells the heater to remain on longer. You won’t save money with a heater that’s too small, you’ll only wear it down faster and drive up your bills. (And you probably still won’t get enough warmth.)

So how do you find the right size heater?

The answer to that is simple: consult with expert installers. You will need trained installers eventually anyway to handle putting the heater into your home, so bring them in on the process at the beginning so they can properly size your heater. Using special calculations, they can take many factors in your home and come up with a good idea of how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) are required to keep it pleasantly warm.

Ardon Maintenance has the experience and training to help make your heating installation in Midway, TX go smoothly and end with you having the perfect-sized heater to keep you warm through the cold days.

Reasons to Get Your Air Conditioning System Tuned-Up after Summer

Friday, October 11th, 2013

During a Texas summer, air conditioners across the state receive intense workouts. You probably had your AC running during most of the daylight hours when you were home, and probably during a few of the nighttime ones. Although you can still expect warm days throughout the rest of the year, you won’t rely on your air conditioning as much during the fall and winter.

But that doesn’t mean you should simply forget about your AC. Fall is an excellent time to schedule an AC maintenance visit from a skilled technician to give your AC a tune-up. Ardon Maintenance provides Midway, TX air conditioning maintenance that keeps our customers cool any time of the year when the heat swoops in.

Here are some reasons to contact us today for an air conditioning tune-up:

Reduce your system’s aging: Any machine that does as much work as an AC in Texas will start to wear down rapidly—unless it receives regular care and attention. Even though you can’t keep an air conditioner running in top form forever, you can add years onto its lifespan with an annual visit from a technician who will clean and replace important components so they don’t wear down too fast.

Prevent unexpected breakdowns: Hot days are still ahead, some of them very hot. After a full summer of work, your air conditioner might need repairs before it takes on a fall heat wave. During a tune-up, a technician will catch any problems that could lead to a complete breakdown and see what needs to be done about them. And an air conditioner running in top conditioning is in less danger of developing new troubles that could cause it to stop working right when you need it the most.

More convenient scheduling: The fall is the best time of the year to get professionals to do maintenance work on your air conditioner because you’ll have an easier time getting a convenient appointment. The two busiest times of the year for HVAC companies are summer and winter, when cooling and heating problems need urgent attention. With the summer gone, you’ll find you can get quick service that fits your own schedule.

At Ardon Maintenance, we recommend you get a tune-up on your AC at least once a year, and the fall is a great time to schedule a visit. Call us today or use our online form to sign up for regular maintenance on your Midway, TX air conditioning.