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Consider Installing a Generator This Spring

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Everything comes bigger in Texas, and unfortunately, that can include the weather as well. Our civic electrical grid here in North Zulch, TX is very dependable, but nothing is guaranteed during a storm or tornado. Furthermore, if you live in a rural area away from the civic grid, you’ll need reliable electrical power regardless of what the weather is like. For all those reasons, a reliable generator for your home is a good investment this spring. If you’ve made that decision, fantastic! The next step is to discuss your options with a trained professional. Here’s a few tips to think about as you get started. (more…)

3 Things to Consider When Installing a Generator

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Huntsville, TX sees its share of heavy weather, and while our civic power system is good, it can go down if the storm gets bad enough. We also have a lot of rural residents for whom electrical power is much less stable than it might be in town. A good generator, installed by a trained professional, can make the perfect answer to either equation, providing steady reliable power whenever called upon and keeping your home safe and comfortable. Preparation is key for a purchase like this and the more you know about your needs, the more easily your technician can make sure the installation is perfect. Here are 3 things to consider when installing a generator. (more…)

Now Is the Time to Install a New Generator for Your Madisonville Home

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Have you ever stopped to think about the near-miraculous nature of electricity flowing into your home at the flick of a switch? Probably not often, because running electricity is something we take for granted: the power is simply always there. You need light? Flip a switch, presto, there you go. Power a steam iron? Plug it in, voila, done.

But there is one time when people do ponder the amazing convenience of electricity: when the electricity fails. Suddenly, many basic household tasks become impossible, and life will quickly turn uncomfortable—especially if the outage occurs during a rough Texas summer heat and your air conditioner won’t run.

Installing generators in Madisonville, TX will take away the stress of abrupt outages that can occur, and they are especially helpful for black-outs that last more than a few hours. Call Ardon Maintenance today and speak to electricians about how to set up a generator for your home so you’ll have one more thing you won’t need to worry over.

The Reason to Schedule Generator Installation Now

On the east coast of the U.S., and in the upper Midwest, the winter is the period when generators prove the most helpful: protecting homes when storms and deep colds strike. For Texas, the time of the year we need to prep for is summer and its sometimes punishing heat. Losing your air conditioning is the most inconvenient aspect of a Texas power outage. Spring is the best time to install a generator to prepare for summer.

You’ll need more than a small portable generator for the job. Portable units work well for car trips and camping—not so much to power a home. Instead, you should call professional electricians to set up a whole-house generator. You’ll have a number of different options for generators, such as size and power. You can choose a smaller generator if you only want to keep a few vital systems operating, or go for a larger system to keep your whole house running. Installers will match a generator to your power requirements and make sure that the system won’t cause blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers with excess voltage.

Make sure you schedule electrical maintenance for your generator after you have it installed. Because you don’t use a generator every day, it can develop problems without you knowing about it. A yearly inspection from a technician will make sure it’s ready to protect your power supply whenever necessary.

Take advantage of the spring weather and call a company that handles generators in Madisonville, TX. Ardon Maintenance is an Eaton-certified electrical contractor, and our technicians will make sure you receive the right whole-house generator.

The Most Common Generator Repairs We Perform

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Texans pride themselves on their independence, which is why you see a lot of generators in Madisonville, TX and similar towns. Not only do generators provide reliable power during inclement weather, but it gives homeowners a sense of self sufficiency when doing so: the notion that they can stand on their own two feet without assistance from anyone else. That’s why the experts at Ardon Maintenance pride themselves on first-rate generator repair services. We’re accustomed to handling a number of different problems, which help us to quickly identify and correct any issues you may have with your generator.

The most common generator repairs we perform include the following:

  • Low oil levels. When you have to run your generator, it may need to run for quite some time, and oil can run low as soon as 24 hours after you activate it. Unless it’s changed regularly – something that can be tough to do after inclement weather – it can cause considerable damage to the generator’s components. That can result in overheating, worn parts and eventual shutdown. Keep plenty of oil and filters in reserve when you start running your generator to prevent this kind of failure.
  • Leaking liquids. In addition to oil, most generators require diesel fuel to run and use coolant to help regulate internal temperatures. When any of these materials start to leak, it spells trouble. Leaks can spring from ruptured lines, but build-up (such as carbon or oil build-up) in the system itself, from issues with individual components such as crankcase breathers or from “wet stacking” caused by running the generator with no load.
  • Improper sizing. Generators need to be properly sized in order to do their jobs. Too small and it will labor to keep up with the load. Too large and it may suffer from “wet stacking” or similar issues. Make sure you anticipate your power needs and purchase a generator that matches the proper size for your needs.

In all these cases, Ardon Maintenance can provide sound advice, as well as timely service when the time comes to make repairs. Generatorsspeak to the independences of our community. Let us help you maintain that independence, both with the most common generator repairs we perform and with more unusual issues. Give us a call today when you need help with your generators in Madisonville, TX!