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3 Odors in Your Furnace to Beware of

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Furnaces have a lot of ways of signaling a problem, from clanging noises to a sudden, unexpected spike in your monthly bills. But those signs are not just limited to what you can see or hear. Smells can be a good indication of a serious problem, and since air is distributed throughout your home via the duct s when your furnace is running, you can usually pick up on a bad smell right away. Our furnaces have already seen a lot of use here in Huntsville, TX this winter. Now is the time to watch for signs of trouble, including those when you can smell but not see. Here are 3 odors in your furnace to beware of. (more…)

What Are the Benefits of Keeping Your Furnace Maintained?

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Although furnaces are among the oldest ways of heating a home (only fireplaces have a longer history), they are still one of the best. Furnaces combine efficiency and effective warmth, and the many models and fuel types available mean they will fit almost any home.

A furnace requires regular care to make sure that it continues to provide your family with a cozy home for many years. An annual maintenance visit from a qualified service technician goes a long way toward keeping your furnace in the shape it should be. We’ll explain the major benefits you’ll receive from a well-maintained furnace.

For superb furnace maintenance and repair, call on the HVAC specialists at Ardon Maintenance, a professional heating service in Madisonville, TX, to schedule your next appointment today.

Increased Safety

Safety is an important issue with gas-powered furnaces. Although natural gas furnaces are much safer today than a few decades ago, they become potentially more hazardous without regular maintenance. Maintenance technicians take special precautions when inspecting a gas furnace and check over all the components connected to the gas main and involved in combustion, heat exchange, and venting. A gas furnace with routine maintenance should rarely present any risk of carbon monoxide exposure or explosions. (Electric furnaces can also become safety hazards because of bad wiring.)

Longer Lifespan

Gas-powered furnaces have a life expectancy of around 20 years. Electric furnaces can go beyond this. However, that is only if they receive routine maintenance every year (and any repairs that a maintenance technician recommends). Without regular maintenance, a furnace will start to wear down and age rapidly, taking years off of its service life. An unmaintained furnace will be fortunate enough to reach half its manufacturer’s expect lifespan.

Fewer Repairs

If all the parts of a furnace are kept clean, lubricated, and tightened for maximum efficiency, it decreases the chances of a malfunction. You’ll limit the stress if having to repair your furnace and lower the risk of the heater shutting down abruptly when you need it most.

Reduced Utility Bills

When a furnace begins to deteriorate from lack of care, it will operate with greater stress and require more power, driving up heating bills. But furnace running in top shape will not drain extra energy to work. A furnace with regular maintenance costs, on average, 20% less per year to run.

If you haven’t had your furnace serviced in over a year, don’t worry…it’s never too late to get started with maintenance. To enroll in a quality maintenance program that helps keep furnaces in Madisonville, TX running their best, call Ardon Maintenance today and talk to one of our friendly technicians.

Reasons to Replace Your Furnace with Ductless Heating

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Furnaces must use ducts in order to work: an air handler blows out the heated air from the furnace cabinet and distributes it throughout a home via the channels of the ductwork. However, you don’t need ducts to get quality home heating. With a ductless mini split heat pump, you can skip the ductwork entirely and still warm up your house the way you want it.

If your furnace is coming to the end of its service, you might consider replacing it with ductless heating in Huntsville, TX. Talk to our installers about ductless mini split systems at Ardon Maintenance today to learn if this is the best option for your home comfort.

Why Replace Your Furnace With a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump?

  • Heating and cooling in one: Ductless heating systems are also ductless cooling systems. The heat pump that provides heating during cold weather can also switch into air conditioning mode during the summer. Two comfort problems solved in one unit.
  • Automatic zone heating: With a furnace, if you want zone control heating—separate control over the temperature in different sections of the house—you need to have special dampers installed into your ventilation system. But ductless systems use a series of individual blowers placed in different rooms, so they come already prepared for zone heating. You can shut off the blowers for rooms that don’t require heat, and people can adjust the local blowers for their own comfort.
  • Better air quality: Ducts are one of the main places in your home where dust and debris can start to gather. The forced air from the furnace will blow this dust into the air you breathe. Ductless systems remove this source of air contamination to improve indoor air quality. (And you no longer need to go through the hassle of cleaning the ducts.)
  • Energy savings: Because ductless mini splits are heat pumps, they do not need to burn any fuel to create heat. Instead, they use a small amount of electricity to power their components to move heat from one place to the other. Switching from a furnace to a heat pump can means savings of up to 30% off your heating bills.

So Why Doesn’t Everyone Have Ductless Heating?

All these advantages sound fantastic, but ductless heating isn’t right for every home. Heat pumps can have efficiency problems in extremely cold weather, and abandoning the existing ducts in a home isn’t always a cost-effective choice. It depends on your situation, and you should consult with a heating professional before you make a choice. Our professional HVAC specialists are standing by to help you decide if you should swap out that old furnace for a new ductless system.

Call up our HVAC specialists at Ardon Maintenance today and ask about ductless heating systems and our various heating services in Huntsville, TX.

Types of Furnaces for You to Choose From

Friday, November 1st, 2013

What continues to make furnaces such a popular option for providing homes with heat during the winter? One reason is that furnaces have great variety: there’s one for every home and every family. It’s rare that professional HVAC installers can’t find a type of furnace to match an individual house’s needs.

And that’s why you should rely on professional HVAC installers to help you choose your furnace. With the cornucopia of options available, furnace selection can seem overwhelming and even frustrating… and without professional assistance, you’ll likely end up with the wrong model for your needs. Trust the experts at Ardon Maintenance to guide you in choosing the best furnace for installation in Madisonville, TX. We can handle the installation process from beginning to end.

There are many variables among furnaces, from their fuel sources to their operation.

Here are some of the types of furnaces you may consider:

Gas furnaces

The most popular furnace models today run off natural gas. Because of the lower cost of natural gas compared to electricity, a gas furnace is an excellent way to slim down your monthly power bills. However, gas furnaces often cost more to install than electric furnaces and do have the potential (although rare) of carbon monoxide leaks.

Modulating furnaces

These advanced natural gas furnaces continually modulate the amount of gas they burn to maintain a steady temperature. Unlike standard furnaces, which attain their target temperature and then shut off, a modulating furnace avoids the extra fuel expense of constant starts. This also helps it to evenly heat your home. However, modulating furnaces are usually more expensive to purchase than standard models.

Electric furnaces

This is a good option if your home doesn’t have a access to a gas line. Electric furnaces use heating elements to warm up the air which it circulates throughout your home. They are easy to fit inside most houses because of their generally small size, and they have lower initial installation costs—but they will incur higher power bills than a gas furnace.

Propane furnaces

Although propane furnaces can achieve the same amount of heating power as a gas model, we don’t often recommend them because they are not as fuel-efficient and are far less environmentally-friendly than other options.

Your furnace choice needs to fit the unique requirements of your home so don’t go it alone when choosing your home heating system. When it comes to furnaces in Madisonville, TX, you should turn to Ardon Maintenance and our NATE-certified technicians. Contact us today!