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How Are Duct Breaches Repaired?

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

When your ductwork gets damaged, repairing it can be challenging and usually requires the services of a trained technician. But it’s often quite necessary. A breach in your ducts can cost you a great deal in lost cooling power: raising the price of your monthly utilities and increasing the strain on the core system. Hot air is pulled in or cool air pulled out of the breach, resulting in more effort needed to keep your home cool, as well as spreading dust and contaminants throughout your home.  In cities like Huntsville, TX, with high heat and stifling humidity, a duct breach can lead to further problems with your air conditioner as it struggles to keep up. Duct breaches can be repaired by qualified personnel, but what’s involved in the process? Here’s a quick look. (more…)

Why Schedule Huntsville, TX Duct Repair?

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Maintaining comfortable year round temperatures is a goal that most homeowners share. Doing so efficiently, many would argue, is the real challenge. Energy costs are high these days, and even high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment can be put to the test if the rest of your HVAC system is not in great shape. That is why you may need to schedule  service with the Huntsville, TX duct repair experts at Ardon Maintenance.

There are a number of different symptoms your heating and air conditioning system may exhibit that will indicate a need for duct repair. The most obvious is a failure to heat and cool your home effectively. If your air ducts were not properly installed or have twists and kinks in them then they will not be able to heat and cool your home effectively and evenly. If there are hot and cold spots throughout your home or rooms that are consistently difficult to heat and cool, call the Huntsville, TX duct repair pros at Ardon maintenance.

Another warning sign that you may need to schedule professional duct repair is an increase in heating and air conditioning costs. As with any other heating and air conditioning problem, there are a number of different possible causes of this issue. Damaged air ducts are a common culprit. Over time your air ducts may have degraded in quality. There may be a corrosion problem or they may have been punctured during some other service. Either way, if your air ducts have leaks or tears in them it is necessary to schedule duct repair as soon as possible.

As air escapes your air ducts your heating and air conditioning system will have to replace the wasted energy. This puts unnecessary wear and tear on your system, which can lead to damages. It also increases energy use, costing you more money to keep your home comfortable. Scheduling duct repair is a great way to make your home more efficient and environmentally friendly.

For high-quality Huntsville, TX duct repair service that you can count on, call the professional duct repair technicians at Ardon Maintenance. We can help heat and cool your home more efficiently. Contact us today to schedule service.