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When Does a Commercial Service Panel Need Replacement?

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Having the correct amount of power for your business is critical to daily operation. Without it, your employees and/or business space won’t be able to function correctly or at all. The control point for all your commercial space’s power lay in the electrical service panel. The panel controls the amount of electricity that is dispersed to your commercial space. However, if the panel is no longer adequate, your business space may not be getting the power it needs – do you need to replace it? Here are some signs that it may be time to call the commercial electrical service experts at Ardon Maintenance:

  • Dimming/flickering lights – if you have constantly dimming and/or flickering lights in your business space, this can be an indication that too much power is being drawn on the electrical panel.
  • Age – if your business space has some age to it, your electrical panel may, too. This can be problematic for two reasons: first, the breakers and wiring may be dated and/or corroded, and second, the box may not be wired to carry the amperage you need for your commercial space.
  • Breakers are warm to the touch – a breaker that is warm to the touch is not a happy breaker; the heat indicates that the breaker is working too hard and as a result, is overheating. This can be a potentially dangerous situation and calls for attention immediately.
  • You’ve expanded your business’s space – new space needs to be powered, too, and your current electrical panel may not have the amount of power needed.
  • Faulty or malfunctioning breakers – if you have a number of breakers that are faulty or malfunctioning, it may be time to consider re-doing the whole box to ensure safety.
  • Too many repairs – if you have had to call for electrical repair for your panel too many times, it may be more cost-effective to replace it.

When the electricity in your business space isn’t dispersed at it needs to be, safety issues and operational issues come to the fore. Don’t compromise either with an outdated and/or malfunctioning electrical panel.

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How Commercial Electrical Repairs Differ from Residential Electrical Repairs

Monday, July 7th, 2014

If your company has issues with power loss, surges, failed outlets, or circuit breakers that continually trip, you must call for repairs from a licensed electrician with extensive experience in commercial electrical repair in Madisonville, TX. It is crucial that the electrician has a commercial background, since there are a number of vital differences between residential and commercial electrical repairs.

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Here are some of the ways that electrical repairs are different from the ones done for homes:

Keeping a commercial building “up to code”

Perhaps the most crucial difference with electrical repairs for a business when compared to residential repairs is the necessity of keeping the business within “code.” The National Electrical Code is a voluntary set of safety guidelines for electrical systems; any state, city, or municipality can choose to adopt the code in whole or part and make adjustments to it. Professional commercial electricians will be familiar with the local code restrictions and how to keep buildings within them. Although homes must also remain within the code, the danger to a business of a forcible shutdown due to code violations is a serious concern, and electrical repair technicians will make staying within the code a vital part of their job.

Three-phase power

Commercial buildings use three-phase power from the municipal system, which is different from single-phase that homes use. Single-phase power uses two 120-volt legs and a neutral wire. In commercial buildings, they use two 120-volt legs, a 208-bolt wild leg, and a neutral wire. The reason for this is to power larger appliances, which will only run smoothly and efficiently using three-phase power. Commercial electricians know how to repair issues from three-phase power.

Specialized wires

The types of wires used in commercial buildings varies considerably compared to those in residential. A common kind of wire used in commercial buildings that is uncommon in houses is THHN wiring: thermoplastic, high heat-resistant nylon coated. Commercial wiring also has special insulation designs to tolerate exposure to gases, volatile substances, and liquids. Many wires in commercial buildings run in exposed areas and are protected with a conduit. Commercial repair workers must know how to deal with the different wires and know the right type of wire to replace when necessary.

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