Signs That You Need Commercial Refrigeration Repair

When your business depends on commercial refrigeration, even a lesser issue with the equipment can turn into a major hassle that can negatively affect business. Malfunctioning equipment can mean spoiled food, running out of ice, melted deserts, and other problems that can seriously impair daily operations.

Commercial refrigeration repair requires specialists: the size and extent of equipment in a restaurant, bar, bakery, or cafeteria is beyond the abilities of amateur repairs or technicians who only work with residential refrigerators. Call up repair technicians who specialize in serving the needs of businesses.

Ardon Maintenance provides excellent commercial refrigeration repair in Madisonville, TX that will take care of getting your company’s cooling power back on track. Call us today!

Warnings signs that you need commercial refrigeration repair

  • Sweating refrigerator: “Sweating” is a condition where moisture begins to form on the outside or a refrigerator, usually on the door. This is condensation that occurs usually because of an improperly closing door or damage to the sealing or the gaskets. The sweating on the outside is an indicator that excess moisture is entering the refrigerator and will begin to affect its ability to defrost; the inside will also gain heat, leading to improper cooling of the contents. Professionals will find where the moisture and heat are entering the refrigerator and how to best stop it.
  • Frost buildup inside refrigeration unit: Modern commercial refrigeration equipment is frost-free, and any indication that frost is beginning to develop inside means that something is wrong. It could be poor door closing or sealing (see above) but it often comes from a failure within the defrost system—this is especially likely if you notice the frost developing along the back wall of the refrigerator unit.
  • Unusual noises from the unit: The heart of any refrigeration equipment is the compressor that circulates the refrigerant necessary to remove heat from the interior of the unit. A malfunctioning compressor will endanger the operation of the refrigeration equipment, and if it fails could require replacement of the whole unit. When compressors encounter problems, they will often start to make loud noises that disrupt the usual quiet hum of the system. Odd noises could also mean issues with the exhaust fan, which will cause a temperature increase should it fail. Call for repair technicians to trace the source of the noise and fix it before the problem becomes worse.

Ardon Maintenance offers commercial refrigeration repair for Madisonville, TX any time of the day or night. We understand that your business and customers are important to you, and we will treat your establishment with respect while providing you with high-quality repair services.

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