Signs of Condenser Problems with Your Air Conditioner

Keeping cool in the summer demands quality air conditioning in Huntsville, TX. With the hot temperatures of summer right around the corner, having your air conditioner run optimally is a priority. As a homeowner, you know there are a number of things that can go wrong with your AC system; today we’re going to give a few examples of what to look for with your air conditioner’s condenser unit.

What Is The Condenser?

The condenser unit of your air conditioning system helps remove heat. The condenser resides in the outdoor part of your unit, with the condenser fan on top, blowing out hot air. Because the condenser is responsible for the release of heat, any malfunction of it can put a great deal of stress on the rest of your system. This is why it’s important to have an Ardon Maintenance expert inspect your AC system as soon as you detect a problem.

Signs of Potential Condenser Problems

When it comes to your condenser, there are several parts that can have problems, including the fins, the coils and the fan – but all can have a similar effect on your system:

Sign 1: Not Enough Cool Air Blowing/ Only Warm Air Is Blowing

If the condenser coils can’t cool properly, due to being dirty, clogged or corroded, the refrigerant inside them doesn’t cool down sufficiently for the rest of the system. Bi-annual maintenance can help prevent excessive dirt and dust build-up.

Sign 2: Decrease in Air Flow

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner – where the condenser resides – has thin, metal fins that are easily bendable. If too many are bent, the air flow entering the system, and throughout the system, can decrease.

Sign 3: Banging or Clanking Sounds

The fan on your outside unit is part of the condenser. If parts of the fan – such as the blades, ball bearings or belts – become worn out or broken, components may become loose and potentially break off, causing banging or clanking when the unit turns on.

Effects of Condenser Problems

Problems with your condenser can lead to:

  • Decrease in efficiency
  • Stress on your system
  • Potential damage and/or breakdown

Call Us for an Appointment

Air conditioning in Huntsville, TX isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance in order to help prevent these issues before they happen.

Don’t let a potential problem with your air conditioning condenser unit make a hot day hotter – if you think you may have a problem with your condenser, schedule an appointment with Ardon Maintenance today.

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