Repairs for Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini split systems are, at their core, heat pumps that do not need standard ducts to distribute conditioned air through a home. Instead of using a single indoor unit connected to a ventilation system, a ductless mini split uses multiple smaller blower units mounted in different parts of a house to send the cooled or heated air directly into rooms.

Ductless systems can require similar repairs that standard heat pumps need: sealing refrigerant leaks, replacing motors, cleaning coils, swapping out broken reversing valves. There are a few specific repairs for ductless systems, however, and we’ll examine some of them here.

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Some ductless system repairs

  • Repairing broken blower unit fans: The blowers around a house contain smaller fans than those in a central heat pump. The loss of a single fan will not cause you to lose all the heating and cooling in your house, only in a specific zone. Technicians will need to determine if the blower fan is damaged or if its motor needs replacement.
  • Fixing condensate leaks: Each blower unit has a condensate line that runs through the back of the wall and outside to the outdoor unit. If leaks occur along the line or inside the blower unit, water will start to gather between the unit and the wall where it is mounted. This will cause warping and weakening to drywall, which may eventually cause the blower unit to fall off its mounting. If you notice water dripping from a blower, or see discoloration around the unit and warped wallpaper, call for repairs immediately.
  • Recharging refrigerant: This is a repair problem that affects central heat pumps as well, but with ductless mini splits there are more opportunities for leaking to occur because there are multiple refrigerant lines running from the blowers to the outside cabinet. If the copper lines outside sustain damage, refrigerant loss will result in a drop in cooling power, icing along the coils, and possibly injury to the compressor. Professional repair technicians will find the leaks, seal them, and recharge the lost refrigerant.

Heat pumps of any type are complex machines that require special training to repair and maintain. Ductless systems add an extra layer of complexity with their blower units and multiple connections. Don’t attempt to make any repairs on your own when trouble starts with a ductless mini split. Instead, call up a skilled technician for the work necessary.

We also handle the maintenance necessary to ward off problems in the future. Call us today to learn more.

Ardon Maintenance has NATE-certified technicians on staff who can deliver top quality heating and air conditioning repair in Madisonville, TX for your ductless system.

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