Professional Tools Used to Treat Plumbing Clogs

Few plumbing problems are as pervasive as the clog: created when food, hair and other particles gets tossed down the drain and blocking the flow of water through your pipes until your system can’t handle anymore. There are countless store-bought solutions you can pick up in any Huntsville, TX hardware stores, such as plumbing snakes and chemical cleansers. They tend to adopt a one-size-fits all approach, however, and rarely do the job the way you need them to. Professional plumbers, on the other hand, have access to high-end equipment: the sort of things that are too expensive for laymen (who would only use them a handful of times), but which professionals use on a regular basis. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of them, to give you an idea of what you’re paying for with a professional call.

Mechanical Snakes

Dilettante’s snakes are usually hand-cranked or similarly powered by elbow grease. Professionals, on the other hand, use mechanical snakes with their own motors, providing power that you just can’t get anywhere else. Many plumbers also use snakes with rotating head, ensuring that you have the exact tool for the precise clog. That ensures that the obstruction is properly removed, instead of just having small pieces broken off so that the water can slip through.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the process of using pressurized water, delivered through a special hose, to scour your pipes clean. The hose needs professional plumbers to properly use – high pressure water can be dangerous – but it can not only blast the clog completely clean, but scour the entire length of pipe for any other clogs that might be forming. The results are a thoroughly cleaned system, and best of all it’s completely environmentally friendly!

Call on the pros at Ardon Maintenance to handle any clogs in your plumbing!

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