Plumbing Upgrades to Protect Your Home

Plumbing is fairly straightforward, and while pipes are made of newer and more durable materials these days, they still do the same job they always have. That, however, is not the only component on your plumbing system, and here in Huntsville, TX, qualified plumbing services can install upgrades to your system that can protect it from harm.  Now makes an excellent time to contact a qualified plumbing service and have one installed. What kinds of plumbing upgrades can you get? We’ve included a quick list of the more popular below.

Pressure Regulation Valve

A pressure regulation valve monitors the pressure in your household pipes and makes sure it doesn’t get overload. Most pipes are comfortable with existing water pressure of about 80 psi (pounds per square inch). If it gets higher than that for more than brief periods of time, it increases the wear and tear on your system. You’ll run a higher risk of a breach or damage to your outlet, and the extra water running through your faucets will add to your monthly water bills. A pressure regulation valve will prevent that kind of damage, as well as saving water.

Backflow Prevention Device

When pressure increases in the civic system, it can lead to backflow: non-potable water travelling back up your pipes and out into your sinks or showers. Backflow constitutes a serious threat to your family, since non-potable water can spread sickness as well as ruining any existing water in your system. A backflow prevention device makes a perfect solution to this issue: it allows water to flow out of your home, but snaps shut when it detects water moving the other way. A trained plumber can install one in your home with a minimal effort.

If either of these sound like good fits for your home, call Ardon Maintenance today!

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