Plumbing Upgrades for Your Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can be about more than creating a more pleasant and modern-looking space. During a bathroom re-design, you can have updates done for your plumbing that will save you money, give you more design options, and make your plumbing more water-efficient. Many of these upgrades are ones you may not have even thought about: we’ll list some here for you to consider.

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Consider these upgrades during a bathroom remodel

  • Pipe replacement: A bathroom remodeling job will expose most of the pipes that are otherwise hidden. This is an ideal time to have any older pipes removed and replaced with new ones. This is something you should definitely have done if your bathroom still has old galvanized steel pipes. Steel corrodes over time, and replacing steel pipes with copper or plastic piping will give your plumbing a longer lifespan. Repiping also allows the remodelers greater freedom to design the bathroom, especially with the flexibility of plastic pipes replacing rigid steel or copper pipes.
  • Low-flow fixtures: This is your chance to have a more efficient bathroom and save money on your water bills. Plumbers can replace faucets and showerheads with low-flow models that cut back on water usage without sacrificing convenience and comfort. New low-flow faucets can use up to 40% less water than the old models. You can also have a low flow toilet installed for a completely efficient bathroom.
  • Upgrade the water heater: Nowhere else in the house do you depend on hot water for comfort more than in the bathroom: cold showers are a miserable experience! If you have excellent plumbers working on your remodel, take this time to have them replace your older water heater with a newer, more durable and efficient model. You may want to switch from gas to electric (or vice versa), or try a tankless model. Ask your plumbers about the best options to fit your new bathroom.

Your plumber will have many other suggestions for specific ways to upgrade your bathroom’s plumbing. Contact our plumbers with expertise in bathroom remodels in Madisonville, TX to learn more about how to make this update to your bathroom a success in all ways. Ardon Maintenance is here to make sure you receive the most you can from your bathroom remodel.

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