Madisonville TX Heat Pump FAQ: Why is My Heat Pump Steaming?

For all your Madisonville, TX heat pump maintenance needs, call Ardon Maintenance. We can provide tips or a routine tune-up for your heat pump. Understanding how your heat pump works is an important part of ensuring that it is operating correctly. We get many calls about heat pumps steaming in the winter, but normally, this is only a sign of normal operation.

All heat pumps have an automatic defrost cycle that will kick on when there’s a chance that ice could form on the outdoor unit. When this turns on, there’s usually steam rising from unit due to melting ice. Some people mistake this for smoke, but it means that the defrost cycle is working properly. The heat pump should only go into defrost mode when outside temperatures are below freezing outside, and the cycle should only last about 15 to 20 minutes.

If your heat pump’s defrost cycle lasts much longer than twenty minutes, or if it cycles on and off more often than every few hours, there could be a problem. Call a Madisonville heating technician if the defrost cycle is not working properly. You will hear the fan motor turn on when the cycle is over. Call a heating technician as soon as you notice any issues with the defrost cycle, or other problems with your heat pump. A heating technician will be able to resolve the issue to prevent further damage, but too long could make the issue worse. In addition, you risk losing efficiency and equipment failure the longer you wait. .

Feel free to call the Madisonville, TX heating experts at Ardon Maintenance with any questions or concerns about your heat pump. Contact Ardon Maintenance today!

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