Madisonville, TX Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning: How Ductless Mini Split Systems Work

Widely praised for their energy efficiency and compact profile, ductless mini split air conditioning systems are quickly becoming a household name. They have long been used in commercial applications, as well as in Europe and Asia, but more and more Americans are beginning to take advantage of this technology. Despite the hype, many homeowners remain uncertain about whether it’s worth making the switch to ductless, mostly because they don’t understand how these systems work. In this post, we’d like to give you a brief overview of how ductless mini splits work so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to replace your existing AC. For more information about Madisonville, TX ductless mini split air conditioning, call Ardon Maintenance today!

All air conditioners and heat pumps operate on the same fundamental principle of the refrigerant cycle, which moves heat from one place to another. Ductless mini splits are no different. They utilize a pressurized refrigerant that undergoes chemical changes in order to cool air extracted from your home, absorb the heat, and send it to the outdoor unit to be dissipated by the exhaust fan. The refrigerant is pressurized by the compressor, travels through an expansion valve into the evaporator coils, then to the condenser coils, and onward once more through the compressor.

The major difference is the lack of ductwork. In a ductless system, instead of having a large indoor unit containing the air handler and evaporator coils, the indoor units are sleek and compact units that sit high on the wall of a room, or recessed in a ceiling. You can create zones in your home by using several different air handlers, each with its own thermostat. The outdoor unit is more or less the same. The indoor units connect to the outdoor unit by a small bundle of refrigerant and electrical lines. They offer near-silent operation.

For more information about ductless cooling systems, make sure to consult with a professional. Your new AC system will need to be properly sized for your home and will require professional installation in order to ensure it operates well for the years to come. For Madisonville, TX ductless mini split air conditioning installation, call the experts at Ardon Maintenance today!

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