Madisonville Heating Installation FAQ: Which Heating System is Right for Me?

When it comes time for you to replace your heating system, this might be a question that you ask yourself. While this largely is a matter of personal preference, there are some objective factors that you can consider. If you need any help figuring out which heating system is right for your home in Madisonville, Texas, it’s probably best to call your local heating contractor. At Ardon Maintenance, we provide complete heating services in Madisonville, TX. We thought it would be helpful for our customers who are looking to replace their system if we put together a quick list of some of the things you may want to think about as you decide which system you want.

Initial Costs

One of the main things you might be thinking about is the initial cost. Furnaces, generally, are one of the least expensive systems to install. Electric furnaces typically cost more than gas furnaces. Boilers, on the other hand, can be one of the more expensive systems to buy up front. Heat pumps typically fall somewhere in between those.

Pros and Cons of Forced-Air

Here are some of the advantages of forced-air systems like furnaces and heat pumps. First, new systems are typically very cheap to operate. They also allow you to filter your air and control the humidity levels in your home all in one system. They also can be very inexpensive to maintain and repair. However, they can cause issues with allergies because they move air through your home which can pick up allergens like dust, pet dander, mold and more.

Pros and Cons of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating, like hot water boilers and radiant wall and floor heaters offer a number of advantages and disadvantages as well. Many people report that they prefer radiant heat to forced air heat. Obviously, this is personal preference. Air quality can potentially be better in radiant systems because it doesn’t move the air around. Hot water radiators also allow you to only heat the rooms that you’re using which can potentially reduce energy consumption. However, boilers are expensive to install and they can be expensive to fix.

Fuel Type

Fuels should also be something that you think about before you decide which heating system is right for you. Gas is almost always cheaper to buy compared to electricity. However, if you don’t currently have a gas line running into your home, it can be very expensive to put one in.

If you have any questions about heating installation in Madisonville, make sure you contact Ardon Maintenance today.

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