Is Radiant Heating Right for My Madisonville Home?

Radiant heating has gained great popularity in Europe because of the cozy, efficient, and quiet way it provides warmth in homes—especially in newly built homes, where the radiant heating system can be easily installed into the floors. Radiant heating is now gaining popularity in the U.S. as more people discover the comfort it provides and the savings that come with it.

You’re interested in radiant heating, but wonder if radiant heat in a Madisonville, TX home will work. You’ve come to the right place to ask questions: Ardon Maintenance specializes in installing radiant heating, and we can look over your home and ascertain if you’ll benefit from installation.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC specialists and let us help you install a radiant heating system for your Madisonville home.

What Does Radiant Heating Involve?

In the general sense, “radiant heating” describes any heat that emanates from a hot object in electromagnetic waves. These waves travel without heating the air until they strike another solid object, and then transfer their heat to it. Old cast iron radiators attached to boilers warmed rooms with radiant heat.

However, in the HVAC world today, “radiant heating” refers to floor heating: either running heated water from a boiler through pipes set into the floor (hydronic) or using electric heating elements built into the floor (electric). Hydronic models are the most popular because they cost less to run; however, some homes may need electric floor heating installation as an alternate.

There are many reasons why floor heating is a good option. Because they lose much less heat than forced-air systems or even baseboard heaters, they work with enormous energy-saving efficiency. The distribution of heat is more even, since the heat rises from under your feet instead of getting blown out vents to gather at the ceiling. The operation is almost silent. And, subjectively, people seem to find radiant heat more “cozy,” like “being warmed by the sun.”

The drawback of radiant floor heating is the extent of installation. These systems are easier to install during new construction. This doesn’t mean that retro-fitting your home for radiant heating is impossible, however. But it does require you work closely with an installer to see what will work best for you.

Call For Specialists to Find Out Your Ideal Heating Option

Ardon Maintenance can answer any questions you have about installing radiant heat in Madisonville, TX. We have extensive experience with both new construction installation and retro-fitting homes. We also offer quality radiant heat maintenance and repair work. Even if radiant heating turns out not to be your best choice, we’ll have ideas for alternatives. Call us today.

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