Hunstville, TX Electrical Repair Services: Why Replace Your Fuse Box?

When the electricity comes into your home from the street it ties into your home at a central point. In older holes, that point is a fuse box. There, different fuses divert the electricity throughout your home. If your home has a fuse box there are some pretty significant advantages to upgrading it to circuit breaker panel. Here at Ardon Maintenance we offer complete Hunstville, TX electrical repair services for all different types and brands of fuse boxes and electrical components. If you’re concerned about your fuse box or if you’ve been having problems with it call the experts at Ardon Maintenance.

Fuse Box Safety Issues

Fuse boxes protect your home from electrical overload by severing the connection to the electrical main when the current gets too strong. It does this by actually melting the fuse itself. When the fuse melts it needs to be replaced with a new one. There are two safety problems with this setup. First, when you pull the blown fuse out of the circuit both ends to the connection are exposed which exposes you to electrical shock. Second, having something metal melting in your fuse box can actually pose a fire hazard to your home. In fact, some home insurance companies require that homeowners replace the fuse box with a circuit breaker in order to provide coverage.  Call the Hunstville, TX electrical repair services experts at Ardon Maintenance today if you’re ready to replace your fuse box.

Ease of Use

You never know when the electrical current coming into your home is going to overload the fuses on your fuse box. When that happens you’ll need to have extra fuses available to replace them with. If you have old fuses that don’t work or if they’re old then you’ll have to run down to your local store and buy some new ones.

New circuit breaker panels use magnets to sever the connection between the circuits if they overload. It is much easier to just walk out and flip the switch than it is to have to pull out the old fuse and replace it with a new one.

Contact the friendly specialists at Ardon Maintenance if you need Hunstville, TX electrical repair services.

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