How to Prevent the Need for Garbage Disposal Repair

If you’ve spent most of your adult life with a garbage disposal in your kitchen, it may be difficult to imagine what things would be like without it. We have some tips to share about care for your garbage disposal that will keep it working at its best and without sudden repair needs that will stop it from operating. If you should need garbage disposal repair in North Zulch, TX or other parts of the Huntsville and Madisonville areas, call on Ardon Maintenance and we will take care of it.

Tips to help avoid garbage disposal repair calls

  • Do not run hot water down it often: This may seem like strange advice, since hot water helps dissolve grease. But hot water also risks causing the disposal to overheat when it runs. When you are running water down the disposal to clear it out, make sure it is cold water.
  • Do not allow the disposal to run “dry”: You shouldn’t turn the disposal on when there is no water running through it. It is stressful for the moving components to run when the interior of the disposal is dry.
  • Keep as much liquid grease, fat, and oil out of the disposal as possible: These three substances are the principal enemies not just of garbage disposals, but of kitchen plumbing in general. Although they appear harmless for drains in their liquid form, they solidify when they cool down and form waxy substances that can jam up the mechanical parts of a disposal, particularly the flywheel. You should pour out grease, fat, and oil into a separate receptacle and place them in the trash.
  • If you can’t chew it, don’t put it in the disposal: It’s unfortunate that the word “garbage” is part of the name “garbage disposal,” since the device isn’t designed for garbage at all, only organic food waste. Don’t place plastic or paper wrappings from food items down the disposal, and also keep out hard food waste like bones and unpopped popcorn kernels. If your teeth can’t handle it, than the garbage disposal can’t either: send it to the trash instead.
  • Schedule regular kitchen plumbing maintenance: Your garbage disposal and the rest of the plumbing in your kitchen undergoes a great deal of stress each year. To relieve some of the wear and tear, make sure to arrange for regular maintenance from professional plumbers for the kitchen plumbing. During maintenance, plumbers will look over your disposal and see if it needs cleaning or repairs. This will help you avoid surprise repair issues in the future.

There is no way that you can avoid all garbage disposal repair troubles, however.

Should you encounter a problem, don’t attempt to fix it yourself: instead, call Ardon Maintenance for quality garbage disposal repair in North Zulch, TX.

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