How to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Our winters tend to be comparatively mild here in Huntsville, TX, which can often blind us to the very real dangers to our household systems that a cold winter entails. Among the worst is frozen pipes, which can cause your pipes to burst and create a huge (and very expensive) mess for you to deal with. The good news is that there’s a reliable plumbing service that can handle such issues. The better news is that you can take steps to prevent frozen pipes from appearing in the first place. Here’s a quick look at how.

Leave Your Faucets on a Trickle

Running water helps prevent freezing, and while it may seem counterintuitive, the little bit of water you waste by leaving a trickle in each faucet can save you a huge amount of money in frozen pipe damage. This is especially important at night, when temperatures drop and a cold front can leave you with a nasty surprise to deal with in the morning.

Drain Unused Pipes

Your outdoor pipes – used to run your sprinkler systems and similar devices – are particularly vulnerable to the cold. Turn off the water main to your home and turn on all outdoor plumbing outlets to drain them of water. Coil your garden hoses after doing the same thing, and refrain from running outside water outlets until warmer temperatures return.

Insulate Pipes Near Outside Walls

The best preventative measure to stop frozen pipes is talking to a plumber about insulating your plumbing system, particularly those pipes that occupy an outside wall. That will prevent the water inside from freezing, as well as helping your water heater do its job more readily and saving you some money in monthly heating costs.

For more winter plumbing tips, or to schedule a repair session for a problematic part of your plumbing, call Ardon Maintenance today!

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