How to Keep Your Plumbing System Working Well

“Out of sight, out of mind” – it’s human nature to ignore things we don’t see on a daily basis, and this is a reason people often allow their plumbing to develop problems. Your plumbing remains hidden from you, except during the few times you open a cabinet under a sink and notice the curved pipe underneath. (That curved pipe is called a p-trap, and performs an important job, as we’ll explain below.) But just because you don’t see your plumbing doesn’t mean it won’t cause trouble. We have some advice on how to keep the unseen plumbing of your home working well for you all year.

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Don’t pour fat, oil, or grease down a drain: We see this error too often. People assume that because grease, fat, and oil are liquids, they can slide down a kitchen sink drain without trouble. However, as these liquids cool, they congeal into thick, waxy solids that can plug up pipes. These clogs are among the toughest to remove.

Place drain covers in showers and bathroom sinks: This is where the p-trap becomes important. Hair and soap scum sluices down into the drains of showers and sinks; if too much enters, they will start to catch in the p-trap. If the hair and soap scum eventually turn into a clog, they will back up the drain. You can’t avoid hair and soap getting into shower and bathroom sinks, but if you have a covered drain instead of an open one, you can reduce the problem significantly.

Don’t ignore leaks of any size: If you spot water dripping from a pipe, even just a dribble, you can’t let it go or “repair” it with some duct tape and a pan underneath. Small leaks get into wood and drywall, which will quickly ruin them and promote mold and mildew growth. This eventually will lead to major structural damage. Leaks also grow if left unrepaired, and they often warn of other leaks springing up elsewhere—out of sight—because of increased water pressure. All of these problems require the assistance of a professional plumber to fix them.

The best way to keep your plumbing in good shape is to have a plumber inspect it when you notice unusual behavior. The trusty plunger and bottle of liquid cleaner may solve simple clogs, but anything that persists and doesn’t react to basic remedies needs an expert. Don’t break out your wrenches and store-bought drain snakes: get on the phone or the Internet and contact Ardon Maintenance for your plumbing service needs.

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