How is Heat Pump Maintenance Different from AC Maintenance?

Heat pumps are an efficient source of both cooling and heating here in Huntsville. But efficiency goes down year after year if your system is not properly maintained. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat pumps that are properly maintained are about 10-25% more efficient than those that receive little to no maintenance. Maintaining your heat pump is the best way to reduce the need for repairs and restore performance and efficiency to your system.

Heat pumps work a little differently than conventional air conditioners, but, in general, heat pump maintenance does not differ much from conventional AC maintenance. The same basic steps apply; an AC technician inspects your system, cleans components, and adds lubrication and refrigerant if necessary. However, when you need heat pump maintenance, you should call someone familiar with heat pumps to ensure that no component is overlooked.

There are a few things you can do on your own to maintain your system. Keep your outdoor unit free of nearby clutter or large plants in order to avoid problems caused by dirt and debris. Change or clean the air filter about once a month, as dirty filters reduce airflow, causing your indoor coil to freeze. Finally, schedule repairs whenever they are needed to prevent wear and tear, and call for professional maintenance at least once a year.

During professional heat pump maintenance, the technician will clean the components of your system, such as the indoor and outdoor coils. These coils are responsible for heat exchange, so dirt may slow down the performance of your AC and reduce efficiency. The technician also checks the motors in case any require lubrication. Finally, refrigerant levels may be adjusted, if necessary, and any leaks will be brought to your attention.

The inspection process may differ slightly from conventional AC maintenance. A technician checks all components of your system so that you can schedule any repairs your system may need. To properly maintain your heat pump, however, the technician must be familiar with the reversal valve, to make sure this component is functioning properly and that your AC can change to heating mode with ease.

For heat pump maintenance by trained and certified professionals in Huntsville, call the team at Ardon Maintenance today!

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