How Does Humidity Impact My Indoor Air Quality?

We tend to focus more on temperature control when determining our household comfort levels. That means quality air conditioning and heating systems, which remain most people’s priorities. But here in Huntsville, TX, humidity levels play just as much of a role. High humidity and low humidity can each create very specific problems: affecting not only your indoor air quality, but also your family’s health and comfort. The good news is that you can use a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier to adjust the relative humidity levels. But before you pull the trigger on an installation, you should understand how humidity impacts your indoor air quality, and why these products are so important to your household.

Relative Humidity

Humidity is measured in terms of relative humidity, which indicates the percentage of ambient moisture in the air. A relative humidity of 100% means that it’s basically raining outside, while humidity of 0% means there’s no moisture in the air at all (something that has occurred only a few times in the very driest deserts in the world). Generally speaking, you need the relative humidity in your home to sit between 30% and 50% to feel comfortable.

High Humidity

When humidity levels rise above 50%, there’s too much ambient moisture in the air to allow your sweat to evaporate off of your skin (which is how your body keeps cool). Not only will your body not cool down, but the sweat stays on your skin, making you feel clammy and gross. High humidity also leads to mold and bacteria growth, which can result in illness in your household.

Low Humidity

When temperatures drop, the moisture in the air condenses into droplets, such as when dew forms in the morning. That creates drier air, and when it gets too dry, it starts leeching moisture out of your skin and sinuses. Your body will feel itchy and scratchy, static electricity will go up, and the lack of moisture in your sinuses will lead to increased illness in your home.

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